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Re:BBQ IN ORLANDO, FL 2009/06/15 15:48:25

Search for reviews on Sonny's also(This Site).  Enjoy!
Re:BBQ IN ORLANDO, FL 2009/06/15 16:50:45
No, not Sonny's! That's like fast food bbq! Go here:
Baah Ben
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Re:BBQ IN ORLANDO, FL 2009/06/15 17:55:21
Kevin - I have been to the Winter Park location..Not bad.  Pretty popular.

I have always liked Sonny's.  Been to them in Charlotte, here, Palm Coast, Port Orange, and several other locations.  Never had a bad meal at any of them.  Just have to insist how you want your ribs done in a particular way.  Same with their sliced pork.  They are very accomodating. 

Same thing with Dustin's.  Very, very accomodating. These BBQ chains do a good job.
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Re:BBQ IN ORLANDO, FL 2009/06/15 18:30:29
kevincad, Sonny's is good Q, and like Baah Ben said, very accomodating.  I never had a bad meal or experience at Sonny's.  And cheap too.
I will give O'Boys a try on my next visit.  Funky hours eh?
407-425-6269 Fax 407-423-7675
 Manager: Dustin Boyer  Monday-- Friday! Closed Saturday & Sunday.
Colonial Location  ONLY
ponch, Check out this thread:'s&mpage=1

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Re:BBQ IN ORLANDO, FL 2009/06/15 18:35:19
Here is a good barbeque place which,  is not a chain,  and  well liked.
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Re:BBQ IN ORLANDO, FL 2009/06/15 19:26:03
I guess Bubbalous isn't considered a chain since they only have four locations.

I tried their 12100 Challenger Parkway location, right next to the Hilton Garden Inn and thought it was horrible.  I had a combo platter, the chicken was dry and the ribs were mushy.  I remember it being expensive also. 

Maybe their other locations are different. 
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Re:BBQ IN ORLANDO, FL 2009/06/15 20:26:55
Baah Ben
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Re:BBQ IN ORLANDO, FL 2009/06/15 21:34:11
Joe - I believe Bubbalou's is actually a chain in Orlando.  Albeit a local one. 

Definition of a chain...."A number of commercial establishments under common ownership." The American Heritage Dictionary.

I've eaten at one of Bubbalou's locations near Altamonte Springs.  Just ok...
The Travelin Man
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Re:BBQ IN ORLANDO, FL 2009/06/16 01:31:17
Bubbalou's, in my opinion, is the best of a bad lot of BBQ places in and around Orlando.  Their four locations - all LOCALLY owned and operated - can hardly be compared with the nine-state behemoth that Sonny's has become.

The only O'Boys location that is closed is the one near the Arena (Orange Ave).  My understanding is that it was a landlord-tenant issue, and the owner of O'Boys said that they were looking for an alternative location.  There is a lot of redevelopment going on around the Arena, so it is likely that they were forced out because the landlord had a lucrative offer for something to do with the property.
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Re:BBQ IN ORLANDO, FL 2009/06/16 11:47:53
Didn't someone post a recent review either here or at Roguefood, about a good BBQ joint just north of Orlando? I couldn't find it here, and I've been searching at RgF. I'll find it and report back.
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Re:BBQ IN ORLANDO, FL 2009/06/16 11:50:50
I'm not sure you should strive for BBQ in Orlando ... taking a trip into the backwoods deep into lLake Wortha nd south, you'll find some BBQ wagons, but I can't vouch for any of them (which were closed on Saturday, when I passed).

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Re:BBQ IN ORLANDO, FL 2009/06/16 12:00:49
Rockin' Ribz, in Sanford FL; Baah Ben, joerogo, how far from Orlando is that?
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Re:BBQ IN ORLANDO, FL 2009/06/16 12:26:33
Orlando is one of those cities where it really matters where you are staying as to how far away things are.  For instance, when most people say that they are coming to Orlando, they really mean Disney, which is really Lake Buena Vista (Kissimmee/St. Cloud) in Osceola County.  An (exaggerated) argument could be made that one could get to Tampa from Disney quicker than they could get to some points in Orlando, depending on traffic.

Sanford fancies themselves as part of Orlando (part of the marketing of their airport), but, based on where I usually am in Orlando, it is very inconvenient for me.  This map may help.
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Re:BBQ IN ORLANDO, FL 2009/06/16 13:08:48
suz1998, This place sounds great.  A little off the beaten path, but it sounds well worth the drive.
Baah Ben, Big chain, small chain, still a chain.  Which explains the inconsistent reviews.  When I told my Daughter, who was a UCF student I went to  Bubbalou's, she said "the food is really bad there and expensive".  I should have checked with her first. 
Mosca, Rockin' Ribz was about a 30 minute drive from the airport, probably a little more from the resort areas.  Good Q, friendly place with a nice atmosphere.'  The food was almost as good as the company
The two Sonny's location that I frequent are also about 30 minutes from the resort areas. 
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John A
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Re:BBQ IN ORLANDO, FL 2009/06/16 17:22:57
During my four years as an outside sales rep throughout Florida and South Georgia I never had a bad meal at Sonny's. Rockin Ribz in Sanford is definitely worth the trip from Orlando.
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Re:BBQ IN ORLANDO, FL 2009/06/17 09:21:33
I did some sleuthing on the Bubbalou's thing - for a couple of reasons.  First, I have never had a bad meal at Bubbalou's - and I would like to think that I know a little something about decent BBQ meals.  More importantly, I have never found anything offered at their place to be particularly on the expensive side.

I actually found something interesting.  The original link posted in this thread from Greymo ( lists two locations on their web site (and a listing for "other").  The two locations are Altamonte Springs (also sometimes referred elsewhere as the "Lee Road location" and Kirkman/Conroy).  I Googled Bubbalou's and found that there is a second web site ( that lists the two other locations (near UCF and Apopka) and lists the "other" locations as Altamonte and Kirkman. would appear that there is some sort of franchising agreement - and perhaps some of the stores are not up to par.  I have only eaten at the Lee Road and the Kirkman Road locations.  Clicking on the menus from both sites shows that the second site seems to have higher pricing.  If those are the franchised locations, it would make sense that they have some higher pricing - in that they need to pay the franchising fees, whereas the original owner's locations can pass that savings on to customers.

Perhaps, armed with this knowledge, I will only pass along recommendations for the Lee Road and Kirkman Road locations of Bubbalou's in the future.
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Re:BBQ IN ORLANDO, FL 2012/05/09 13:57:30
As of right now the best place to get barbecue is 4 rivers smokehouse. If you haven't already heard about this amazing barbecue will soon. They have 3 or 4 locations in and around Orlando. This place is by far the best bbq you will ever eat. That's a pretty bold statement, but it's a must try. here is the website for locations:
My favorite is the beef it is probably the all around favorite. They also have a sweet shop with cakes, cupcakes, cookies, homemade ice cream, and more. this place puts bubbalous to kidding.