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Branson, MO - Sat, 07/11/09 8:19 PM
We have gone to Branson for TOP dance competition for the last several years(my thirteen year old daughter dances).  In the past we have tried to find good food and had little if any success.  However, This time with a little help for the lady at the new Hampton Inn, we had good luck twice.
The first was Danna's.  We were told they had a spicier sauce, so we tried it first.  My wife and I, spilt a sampler platter-sausage, pulled pork and beef brisket, ribs and half a chicken.  The sauce was on the table.  The ribs were not fall off the bone tender but had a good smoke taste.  The sausage and pork were good, the smoked chicken was moist and tender.  My wife doesn't usually get brisket because so many times it is not tender but this was excellent.  The beans, cole slaw and fries were better than average.  The bread was a Texas roll with a hole poked in the top and filled with butter.
The second was Odee's (sp),  We were told their sauce was sweeter but the hot and spicy had a good bit of kick to it.  My wife and I each got a combo platter with ribs, brisket and ham on it, daughter got 4 ribs.  I got beans, wife got fries and daughter got homemade chips.  The sides were fair.  The ham was good.  The ribs were fall off the bone tender and very tasty.  For a second time on the trip the brisket was the star, very tender and tasty.
All in all we were pleased with both places. 
Oh yeah, Emily got two first places, a top first and placed fourth overall in her division for her solo, the first year she has soloed in competition

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Re:Branson, MO - Sat, 07/11/09 11:08 PM
B T-
  Congratulations on the "wins" in the competition, now how about giving us some more infor (beyond the name) of the places you ate. Do you have addresses or websites for either?

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Re:Branson, MO - Tue, 09/22/09 2:15 AM
Good food in Branson is extremely rare.

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Re:Branson, MO - Tue, 09/22/09 6:22 AM
Amen on that - most of the food that we've tried in Branson is so so to lousy.

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Re:Branson, MO - Fri, 02/19/10 11:24 PM
I have yet to find a good meal in Branson.

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Re:Branson, MO - Sat, 02/20/10 12:10 AM
mayor al, this website gives addresses for both of them (along with others):