Suggestion --- Forum format

Junior Burger
2009/07/28 22:43:15
Can you have a forum BY Location for suggested Restaurant / Food comments??.   
Ie.   Separate forums for Northeast (ME, VT, CT, NH, RI, MA, NY) , East Central, Southeast, Midwest, Plains, South, Southwest, Northwest?  Put incl. states as subheading as I did with Northeast.    I have seen other groups do this and much easier for those looking by Location.     
Then within each forum, have a Subject Guideline format,  such as     Chicago _ Hamburger Joints   or    Rt 66 _ Drive Ins 
People like to go to unique places, but usually in their neck of the woods.  Sorting thru a Large Forum takes time and is a bit frustrating.
Just an Idea that I think will help.
TJ Jackson
Filet Mignon
Re:Suggestion --- Forum format 2009/07/28 23:08:29
We already tried that, and we call it "chowhound"
Stephen Rushmore Jr.
Fire Safety Admin
Re:Suggestion --- Forum format 2009/07/28 23:40:12
I find the search function to be particularly helpful.  I don't think I have ever traveled somewhere unfamiliar that wasn't mentioned on the forum.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Suggestion --- Forum format 2009/07/29 09:30:32
TJ Jackson

We already tried that, and we call it "chowhound"

A bit snarky, don't you think? pb