Hey, Richmonders (VA)...

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Hey, Richmonders (VA)... - Thu, 08/20/09 3:14 PM


Anyone yet been to the recently opened Cameron's Seafood across from the DMV on West

Broad (2311 West Broad Street)? I drove by it yesterday and, indeed, am intrigued.



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Re:Hey, Richmonders (VA)... - Fri, 08/21/09 3:25 PM
Yeah, That sign would certainly fill my RF thoughts with intrigue! I would be interested in looking at their menu!
OK, I checked the place,  Apparently there are 10-12 of these "Seafood Markets in the MD-DC-VA area. Focus on the Maket side of the busdiness, but they have restaurant service too.  I looked at the menu and found it curious in composition. Here is an excerpt. Does the Scallop description confuse you as it does me?? This list is cut and pasted from their menu...not my terrible typing !!  Come On I-95 translate it for me.
a generous portion of lightly shrimp (fried is whiting/broiled is tilapia)

Fish and Shrimp 2 pieces of fish and 4 large shrimp (fried is whiting/broiled is tilapia)


Fish and Scallops 2 pieces of fish and 6 large shrimp (fried is whiting/broiled is tilapia)


Shrimp and Scallops 4 large shrimp and 6 scallops (fried is whiting/broiled is tilapia)
OK I will await someone's assistance on this one!

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Re:Hey, Richmonders (VA)... - Fri, 08/21/09 3:47 PM
The Original Cameron's is a good place. Love their spiced sprimp. Crab soup is paste thick but very tasty. Hopefully, the travel will not water Cameron's down for you.

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Re:Hey, Richmonders (VA)... - Mon, 08/24/09 12:04 PM
From the Richmond Magazine website  http://www.richmag.com/dine/blogs.php?page=3 :

Cameron's Seafood on West Broad Street sells fresh and prepared fish.
“The Maryland-based Cameron’s Seafood regional chain has opened a franchise at 2311 W. Broad St. The local franchise is owned by José and Iraida Azuaje. A native of Venezuela, José Azuaje says he began working as a dishwasher at one of the restaurants in Maryland after arriving in the United States 14 years ago. He had been a chef in Venezuela, and he began offering suggestions for how to improve the soup preparation. He helped develop new recipes and worked his way up in the company. Along with seafood-based soups such as crab gumbo and lobster bisque, Cameron’s serves appetizers, fish sandwiches, and fried and broiled platters. Also for sale are fresh salmon, tilapia, haddock, perch, tuna and shellfish, as well as frozen crab legs and shrimp.”