Kirke's Homemade Ice Cream, St. Clairsville, OH

Ralph Melton
Double Cheeseburger
2009/09/16 15:02:50
(My first post. Please correct me gently if I err.)

In late June, we were driving back from Columbus, OH to Pittsburgh, PA.

We tried to stop at Mehlman's Cafeteria for a Roadfood stop, but a combination of getting off late and GPS error prevented us from dining there. But it often happens that when we seek roadfood, we find it, even if we don't find our original target--and that happened this time as well. We spotted a sign for Kirke's Homemade Ice Cream, called to learn that they were open late but didn't serve dinner, and visited there after a low-key dinner at Bob Evans.

I got a cone of black cherry rum ice cream that was splendid, with a wonderful rich rum taste. The ambiance was excellent also, because we were able to eat outside at a small gazebo and enjoy a beautiful sunset.

One particularly nice note about Kirke's was their size policy, as expressed in a sign that read (more or less) "You are the boss. We will serve any size you want, from marble to basketball, and charge you by the ounce." I like this a lot, because I am often pleased with smaller portions of ice cream.

Re:Kirke's Homemade Ice Cream, St. Clairsville, OH 2009/09/21 11:23:10
Welcome to Roadfood!  It was a pleasure to meet you this weekend in Buffalo.  So glad you dove right in.  And it is always nice to see other Pittsburghers on here.

Thanks for the tip on Kirke's Homemade Ice Cream.  When driving west on I-70, I usually stop at Tom's Ice Cream Bowl in Zanesville, but I can't wait to try this place out.
Re:Kirke's Homemade Ice Cream, St. Clairsville, OH 2009/09/26 15:02:31
Hi everyone. I'm Lori, ralphmelton's wife. It was great to meet y'all last weekend!

I loved this place. The ice cream was made on site, and was creamy and delicious. No idea what their milkfat content was, not sure I want to!

We'll have to go back and taste more for a real review at some point.

Buffetbuster, it was nice to meet you, too, and we'll try out Tom's in Zanesville!
Re:Kirke's Homemade Ice Cream, St. Clairsville, OH 2009/09/26 19:05:04
Hello Lori (icecreamchick) and welcome to Roadfood!  I am in Indy for the weekend and stopped in at Kirke's just last night.  A scoop of root beer and a scoop of black raspberry

later and we were on our way.  The root beer was very subtle, but the black raspberry was excellent.  Thanks for the tip and we will be back!
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Double Cheeseburger
Re:Kirke's Homemade Ice Cream, St. Clairsville, OH 2009/09/29 04:01:21
Thanks for the tip. I've never been to Kirke's but i'll soon remedy that.