Old Mill Crab House-Ocean City, MD

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Old Mill Crab House-Ocean City, MD - Thu, 11/5/09 4:35 PM
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I recently traveled to Ocean City MD and discovered the one of the best crab house restaraunts on the eastern seabord-The Old Mill Crab house! I've been going to Ocean City for years and this place has the best crabs I've ever eaten. They are  the largest Maryland Blue crab around. I have a question though.  Does anyone know if these crabs are local or if they are caught somewhere else and shipped? They claim theat they are live before they are cooked.
Does anyone have any good cooking tips for the Maryland Blue Crab? I have a place local here in Central PA that gets them once a week, so I'd love to know how to cook them!
Thanks in advance!

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Re:Old Mill Crab House-Ocean City, MD - Thu, 11/5/09 6:00 PM
There's a new small industry of crab fishing in the Hudson River in Rockland County just a few miles north of the George Washington Bridge. Amazingly, there's no restaurant that I've heard of in that area that offers the local crabs on their menu. So, the Hudson River crabbers sell their whole production, live,  to processors along the Chesapeake Bay. You could be eating a Hudson River crab in Ocean City...

Cheers, John 

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Re:Old Mill Crab House-Ocean City, MD - Thu, 11/5/09 11:50 PM
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chesapeake blue claws are only available july to september, so, any other time of year, they come from somewhere south.  and those just don't have the same taste as those from the chesapeake - even if old bay seasoning is used on them.

as for cooking, proper way is to steam them whole with lots and lots of old bay seasoning.  also need to add some beer to the water, too.  the crabs should be steamed above the water, should never actually sit in the water (the meat ends up soggy).