so many flavored doritos come and go.

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so many flavored doritos come and go. - Tue, 04/6/10 11:17 PM
Where is Ranchero Doritos today,why didn't guacamloe doritos last long. Where is Taco today instead of Late Night Tacos?
 I never got to try Ranchero,I tried Guacamole and I thought they were good even though my mouth and hands were green.
Why do so many flavors come and go? Here is what I would like to see.Toasted Corn,Taco,Nacho Cheese,spicey nacho,Ranch,
Ranchero,Guacamole,Hit of lime(never existed yet),.

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Re:so many flavored doritos come and go. - Wed, 04/7/10 10:32 AM
I've learned to grab any new flavor that Dorito's offers and try them as soon as they come out, because I may never see them again.  I wish they would come out with Chinese Mustard-flavored Doritos.  Poore Bros. had those in their potato chip line maybe 15 years ago, but they were discontinued.

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Re:so many flavored doritos come and go. - Thu, 04/8/10 9:46 PM
Still waiting for the sour cream and onion comeback!!!!! It has been too many years since my love affair with them.....:(

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Re:so many flavored doritos come and go. - Fri, 04/9/10 1:20 AM
Jumpin' Jack Cheese. Crunch All You Want. We'll make more.