Newbie needs help with concession stand

Junior Burger
2010/06/15 13:30:57
Hi everyone!  I am brand new at this so any help would be appreciated.  I recently obtained a mobile vendor license for the city of Key West, FL.  (There are only 25 given out at one time and they are awarded by lottery.)  I would like to start a mobile concession stand selling popcorn (possibly different flavors), sodas and drinks by the can, and maybe frozen novelty deserts.  What I need help with is the cart itself.  I am having trouble finding a dealer who makes carts that would work for me.  It needs to be 7' x 4' or smaller, needs a hand wash sink w/ hot water, and would have to be self sufficient running solely on propane and battery.  I suppose I could go with a generator but I think I'd rather keep it as simple as possible and the generator thing seems like it would be noisy and cumbersome given my size restrictions.  The cart/trailer could be a push cart or a towable trailer.  I'm open to both options.  I live in Key West so I don't want to travel very far to get it so a Florida dealer / manufacturer would be best although for the right cart I'd be willing to pay for shipping.  Any help and or advice would be appreciated.  And the advice does not have to be restricted to the cart itself.  All advice and info is appreciated!  Thanks!! 
Re:Newbie needs help with concession stand 2010/06/15 19:01:20
Hello and welcome!

I think you might get a better response if you post the same thing in the Restaurant Professionals Forum.

Good luck!
Junior Burger
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Re:Newbie needs help with concession stand 2010/06/15 19:05:18
Yeah, I was just figuring that out.  Thanks!
Junior Burger
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Re:Newbie needs help with concession stand 2010/08/27 12:57:21
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