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Droste pastilles - Mon, 07/12/10 1:29 PM
In honor of the World Cup final yesterday, I bought a couple of tubes of Droste chocolate pastilles.  I gave one roll to my next door neighbor, who is originally from Holland, and kept the other.
The one I kept is a new (to me, anyway) "extral dark 75%" chocolate.  I generally love dark chocolate, but I found this one kind of dry, if that makes any sense.  (It wasn't past its sell-by date, by the way, which was sometime in 2011.)
The one I gave as a gift is the pastille that is half milk, half bittersweet chocolate - because I wasn't sure what kind he would prefer.  I think that is still my favorite.  I used to really love Droste's milk chocolate.  In fact, it was the only kind I'd go out of my way to eat, as I strongly prefer dark chocolate.  But it doesn't seem to taste the way I remember it, although it is still pretty good.  
We use Droste's powdered cocoa for hot chocolate.