My problem with "Smoked Baked Beans"

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My problem with "Smoked Baked Beans" - Mon, 10/25/10 5:44 PM
Simply put is the liquid smoke, nasty stuff, IMHO, my beans have a smoked flavor due to the pulled pork I add, especially from the bark.
How do you make your baked beans?

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Re:My problem with "Smoked Baked Beans" - Mon, 10/25/10 5:46 PM
Well, why would anyone use liquid smoke?
The thing that makes KC beans the best is the use of meat and drippings in the beans.
 Kansas City's Top Ten baked beans - Kansas City Restaurants and Dining - Fat City
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Re:My problem with "Smoked Baked Beans" - Mon, 10/25/10 6:42 PM
we use bush's baked beans and add pulled pork and other stuff and smoke the under the pork butts for a little bit while they are smoking then move them above the butts, stirring in the smoke glaze now and then

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Re:My problem with "Smoked Baked Beans" - Tue, 10/26/10 8:39 AM
Boston baked beans, salt pork, slow cooked in a crock, the best I have ever had. We make ours with bacon, onions, and molasses. The BBQ places use shredded or chopped pieces of smoked pork, I'll take a crock of old New England baked beans any day of the week,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Bill

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Re:My problem with "Smoked Baked Beans" - Tue, 10/26/10 9:09 AM
I save some of the rendered fat from my pulled pork. I use that to sautee some onions for the base.
A healthy amount of the pork goes into them as well. They're awesome.

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Re:My problem with "Smoked Baked Beans" - Tue, 10/26/10 11:12 AM
I have to agree with Bill Voss's linked article from Kansas City. The very best beans I have ever enjoyed with good BBQ came from Arthur Bryants. Say what you will about the rise and possible demise of the Bryant Legend, the beans they serve are absolute Bean Heaven. Thick-sauced (not runny), lots of meat slivers and odd-shaped pieces (not stew chunks), Just right on the spices and onions... Yeah I would say they top my list.

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Re:My problem with "Smoked Baked Beans" - Tue, 10/26/10 2:34 PM
You mean.... you don't smoke the beans before you cook them?
Do they fall through the grate or something?

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Re:My problem with "Smoked Baked Beans" - Tue, 10/26/10 4:15 PM
When I had my bbq / catering. I cooked the beans in the smoker with the meats.  No need for liquid smoke.  Mix the seperated smoked fat back into the beans.  Heart attack in a bowl.