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Pancakes - Mon, 11/1/10 4:42 AM
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I love pancakes!!
My favourite are BISQUICK (Have been for years)
I like them BIG (Almost the size of the plate)

Which are your favourites?

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Re:Pancakes - Mon, 11/1/10 6:21 AM
Where is the restaurant BISQUICK?

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Re:Pancakes - Mon, 11/1/10 8:58 AM
My mom came out here to Austin for a visit.  Based on Roadfood recommendation and reviews, I took her to the Original Pancake House. It was but one of the various places I wanted to take her to for breakfast for the time she was here; Magnolia Cafe went unvisited. We went to OPH every day instead.
I had the apple pancake ( a monstrosity of delicious proportions) and she had the ligonberry crepes, which were so large, they draped over the plate.  The next day she had their crispy laced potato pancakes with applesauce.
I wish I could say that I tried and liked all the other pancake offerings, but how often can you find a 'chain' that serves eggs benedict with real hollandaise, house-made corned beef hash and very fresh squeezed pulpy orange juice?
The next time I go there I will have the Dutch Baby as I have never had one and it has to be as good as everything else.
What makes this story sad is that I brought a camera inside every day and never took a photo. as I could not resist taking a bite from my meals prior to pulling out the camera. 
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Re:Pancakes - Mon, 11/1/10 9:21 AM
OPH is wonderful.