Hi, new here.

Junior Burger
2010/12/06 16:30:52
Hi, new here.  Does anyone know why the Roadfood.com app on My Yahoo page stopped working?
Stephen Rushmore Jr.
Fire Safety Admin
Re:Hi, new here. 2010/12/06 20:26:23
I have no idea.  We still have the RSS feeds, have you tried subscribing to those?
Re:Hi, new here. 2010/12/07 05:04:33
Hi.... welcome...and I just used mine...so it still works....enjoy all this super site has to offer!
Junior Burger
Re:Hi, new here. 2010/12/07 07:09:02
Mine stopped working about a month ago(just checked,nothing there). Might be a yahoo problem.Keep it in your favorites and no problem finding the site that keeps me hungry.
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