Santa Fe Cattle Company

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Santa Fe Cattle Company - Mon, 02/21/11 4:41 PM
We have a Santa Fe Cattle Company restaurant in Hampton Cove (near Huntsville) and is only thee miles from my apartment building. Since moving here a little less then a year ago I find it convenient since it is one of the only "chain" restaurants in Hampton Cove. I ate there Friday night w/my granddaughter celebrating her 14th BD. She wanted just me and her to go so we could share some "girl" time together.
The specialize in Southwestern flavors and also have steak, shrimp, ribs, faijats, chicken, pasta, etc. It is one of those "peanuts on the floor" type of restaurant which is the only part I don't like about it.
I had the $9.99 six-oz. teriyaki steak w/grilled pineapple (med. rare), baked potato, ceaser side salad and water to drink. Elizabeth had the double cheese/cheese burger w/fries and iced tea. They serve yeasty type rolls w/cin. butter (delicous). The total for both of us was $20.70. Not bad for a good meal. My steak was cooked to my perfection, the salad crisp and dressed right, and the baked potato was just the right size (I hate those giant baked potatoes).
I have had several of the other items on the menu and have been pleased w/what I ordered. I also get coupons periodically for $5.00 off a $25 order or a free appitizer.
Had anyone else ate at a Santa Fe Cattle Company, and what is your opinion.

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Re:Santa Fe Cattle Company - Mon, 02/21/11 9:04 PM
Sassy,do you have a link to their website? menu?

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Re:Santa Fe Cattle Company - Tue, 02/22/11 4:44 AM
While I am glad you liked the food, I am enthralled that you had such a special date with your granddaughter. How loving.