Subway De-thrones Mickey D

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Subway De-thrones Mickey D - Tue, 03/8/11 8:50 AM
Don't blame me...I don't eat at either one.

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Re:Subway De-thrones Mickey D - Tue, 03/8/11 10:49 AM
I vastly prefer Subway over McD's.   I prefer a real Deli Sub, but with those far and few between in small town mid-west, Subway will do. Generally the right price as well.

sk bob
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Re:Subway De-thrones Mickey D - Tue, 03/8/11 9:49 PM
the only reason that happened is because there is a Subway in every gas station closet that they will let them open one up in.

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Re:Subway De-thrones Mickey D - Wed, 03/9/11 8:43 AM
Not de-throned in $$$$$$$$$

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Re:Subway De-thrones Mickey D - Thu, 03/10/11 6:23 AM
Subway has been extraordinarily successful for such a mediocre product, but I suppose the same statement would apply to McDonald's.  The only way I'd stop at either place is by default: serious hunger and nothing else in sight.

senor boogie woogie
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Re:Subway De-thrones Mickey D - Sun, 03/20/11 10:47 AM
I live in China and my city of Hangzhou has about 5 outlets for a city of about 1.5 million people. One outlet is (or was) owned by an American and the original by a Canadian Chinese.  I sometimes go in there for the bread because China has such poor bread. It is the same exact outlet as one would find anywhere in the USA. I think a lot of Chinese like it because the food is mostly vegetables and to them is lowfat. (Personally, I think Jared is a lie and a fabrication but that is not germaine to this tale.)
McDonalds here is not that great, and to a lesser extent that KFC have tailored their food to the local taste, which means that most everything that is delicious back home they don't serve here. Even the fried pies (something McD is famous for an is good) are funky, like taro, mango and green pea. Ick.

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Re:Subway De-thrones Mickey D - Mon, 03/21/11 8:08 AM
I'll never understand the draw for Subway.   Pathetic breads, very fatty cold cuts and minimal meat portion for the price.    Then again, people still flock to Red Lobster,  Olive Garden, etc.   

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Re:Subway De-thrones Mickey D - Mon, 03/21/11 3:45 PM
i guess I am glad there are now more subways than McD's. If I have to choose I know I am better off with subway, especially if I order it my own way. SOme of the ready built subs are just as bad as a big mac! I found this graphic with a list of fast food places and things you can order that arent on the menu:
It lists pizza sub for subway, which is not healthy (and I am pretty sure that it might be on the kids menu... but I dont go there often enough to tell definitively...)

sk bob
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Re:Subway De-thrones Mickey D - Mon, 03/21/11 8:45 PM
thanks for that list, Georgie.
that Mckinley Mac at McD's is what I've been thinking about for years.
what do you think the chances are that the $7.per hr. cashiers would know what that is if you ordered it?