Blue Moon Ice Cream?

2011/06/28 12:11:21
Does any dairy in your neck of the woods produce Blue Moon ice cream? If so, how would you describe the taste? What flavours do you think are included?


Re:Blue Moon Ice Cream? 2011/06/28 18:49:25
I was about 5 years old the last time I had blue moon ice cream. I don't recall the store we bought it at, somewhere in OH. What I do recall is the "outcome" was very "blue". I remember being very scared. Never had it since but always remember it.
Re:Blue Moon Ice Cream? 2011/06/28 19:15:13
Almond flavored?
Years ago I entered a contest put out by the Dreyer's/Edy's Ice Cream Company.  It was very clever on their part.
The contest was to invent a new flavor and give it a clever name.
There were 12 winners of which I was one.
My flavor was called Almond Love.  Say it out loud if you don't get it.  It was an almond based ice cream with bits of chocolate covered marzipan and burnt almonds.
Another of the winners entered a chocolate swirled orange sherbet.  I don't remember it's name.
Soon after the contest was over Dreyer's came out with an almond based ice cream and an orange sherbet with chocolate chips.
What we won was a trip for two up to Oakland, California to their processing plant.  They wined and dined us for 3 days and we all got to make our flavors in their plant.  It was very cool.
I wrote all of that because I read almond flavored on the picture.  I don't think we get Cedar Crest Ice Cream.
Re:Blue Moon Ice Cream? 2011/06/29 11:28:12
The only Blue Moon ice cream I've ever had was Stroh's at one of their ice cream parlours in Detroit at the Renaissance Center about 35 years ago. I don't think it tasted like almond. I'd say it was fruitier.
I believe it's still made by Stroh's and available throughout much of Michigan and other places near Detroit.

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Re:Blue Moon Ice Cream? 2011/07/11 16:48:04
I just had some Blue Moon Ice Cream yesterday in South Haven Michigan.  I asked my daughter to taste it.  She said it tasted like vanilla but a little different.  It did have a hint of almond.  It would make a great chocolate shake or malt.  It would look kinda funky, but what the heck, we were at a beach-side concession stand.
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Re:Blue Moon Ice Cream? 2011/07/11 17:23:45
The old Lindner ice cream chain in Indianapolis occasionally had Blue Moon ice cream in the 1960s - 70s.
It was pale blue in color -- barely tinted blue, really. 
I agree that its flavor was "indeterminate."
I think it tasted "blue."
Re:Blue Moon Ice Cream? 2011/09/24 15:42:01
They export to India?
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Re:Blue Moon Ice Cream? 2013/05/28 01:52:00
Tried Blue Moon ice cream on a trip to Monroe, Wisconsin, two winters ago.  Stopped in at a local ice cream/sweets shop after enjoying lunch (Limburger sandwiches, etc.) at Baumgartner's.  The owner of the ice cream shop offered me a taste of Blue Moon after I inquired about the flavor.  He described it as being vanilla-like with certain unidentifiable undertones.
I would agree with that assessment.  It was an unremarkable flavor.  I think the blue color is an ill advised attempt to add pizzazz to a very ordinary ice cream.  Maybe some marketing genius said, "We need a new way to sell vanilla...How about we color it bright blue?"
You're not missing anything.
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Re:Blue Moon Ice Cream? 2013/07/11 03:02:54
Wikipedia says there isn't a patent on the flavor of Blue Moon, which means you can pretty much come up with any kind of fruity ice cream, dye it blue, and sell it as Blue Moon. 
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Re:Blue Moon Ice Cream? 2013/07/11 05:25:22
Our local ice cream parlor carries Hershey brand ice cream and blue moon is one of the most popular flavors with younger kids. Its flavor is tough to explain. The closest I could come would be vanilla and fruit loops (whatever flavor those are). Incidently it is also the blue ice cream in superman/superfriends flavors.
Re:Blue Moon Ice Cream? 2013/10/13 11:43:10
I grew up in northern Michigan (by Traverse City) and Blue Moon was the ice cream I always got. It was definitely NOT almond.
This recipe is the closest I have found to what I loved as a kid:
Wikipedia has an entry for Blue Moon Ice cream. Besides being blue, there are some wide variety in what it actually tastes like. Here's an article about what Blue Moon actually is:
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Re:Blue Moon Ice Cream? 2013/10/22 12:50:45
If anyone is in the Pittsburgh region, Brr Kee's ice cream in Oakmont, PA (small suburb of Pittsburgh) just made up a big batch of Blue Moon this week! As far as I know, it's the only time Blue Moon has ever been made in Pittsburgh. I'm so excited!