Primo's Hoagies, Philadelphia,PA

2011/07/04 22:24:05
Good local chain seeks to expand:
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Re:Primo's Hoagies, Philadelphia,PA 2011/07/04 22:34:23
Saw one today in Cape May, NJ in the last few hours of our vacation - didn't know anything about Primo until now - but am sorry I passed it up - though we did get some Philly-worthy sandwiches at Depot Market Cafe.
Just went to the Primo website and those sandwiches DO look amazing!    Happy 4th everyone!
Re:Primo's Hoagies, Philadelphia,PA 2011/07/05 09:23:43
Their seeded rolls by Liscio's are excellent.
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Re:Primo's Hoagies, Philadelphia,PA 2011/07/08 14:21:17
I am a big fan of Primo's.  Great bread and meats.  I haven't had one in years and now I am craving one.  
Re:Primo's Hoagies, Philadelphia,PA 2011/07/11 10:15:26
Our group does Primo runs every Tuesday...
Their "diablos" are spicy and very tasty!
We get a 10% discount for being regular customers.
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Re:Primo's Hoagies, Philadelphia,PA 2011/07/11 11:20:21
My Primo Old Italian from the shop here in Ocean City

Re:Primo's Hoagies, Philadelphia,PA 2011/07/11 11:34:34
I'm not a fan of evil things like lettuce and tomato but that's a good-looking sandwich, Chris.

Their "diablos" are spicy and very tasty!

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Re:Primo's Hoagies, Philadelphia,PA 2011/07/13 22:02:17
Different strokes and all that.  There are a couple of locations near me and I've tried them.  The fillings are good but I don't like the Italian bread they use - too hard to chew.  I prefer the indie shops, most of which use Amoroso Rolls, and among chains Lee's Hoagie House (for hoagies, not steaks so much, the meat just doesn't taste right to me, maybe over-cooked).
Re:Primo's Hoagies, Philadelphia,PA 2011/07/17 20:09:20
Tried for first time this weekend, loved the Diablo Turkey, i'm a big eater and the primo size (10") filled me up)   The roll had some good flavor to it  (to many places use rolls that seem more like white cake)  tons of meat and spices, and the balance of veggies was just right.   I would have personally put some more pickles on it.   The price was fine $8 for premium quality meat, first time I've had Thumann's meats and was impressed.
This was at the Rehoboth Beach, DE location.   Always been a fan of Capriotti's, but they've been skimping on the meat lately, mixing in more and more dark meat, and raising the prices, plus 2 of last 3 times there's been a peice of bone in the sub (not good to bite into!)   
Just wish they'd get a Primo near me so I don't have to drive 35 miles one-way.
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Re:Primo's Hoagies, Philadelphia,PA 2011/07/24 09:56:09
Actually, a place similar to Primo's, but IMO better, is Pal Joey's in washington township, South Jersey.  Used to go there in college all the time and because of this thread I think I am going to have to take a trip back to my old stomping grounds.  
Re:Primo's Hoagies, Philadelphia,PA 2011/07/31 18:18:36
I stopped at one location and it was horrible. Capriotti's seems to being doing well with their expansion.
Re:Primo's Hoagies, Philadelphia,PA 2011/07/31 21:14:32
As with all franchises and chains, some locations are better or worse than others. I'm sure this applies to your home town Capriotti's as well.
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Re:Primo's Hoagies, Philadelphia,PA 2011/08/20 15:31:40
Primo's is OK, they make a good, solid hoagie. I'll give my fellow Philadelphians two spots that are much better for Italian hoagies - Jack's Place on the SE corner of Hegerman and Wellington in Tacony and Salumeria in the Reading Terminal Market. Go now.