Grainger County tomatoes

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Grainger County tomatoes - Sun, 07/24/11 10:53 AM
Mamaw Smith and I took a ride a few days ago to Rutledge, TN into Grainger county where they are famous for their tomatoes a little like Vidalia, GA is famous for its onions.  We each bought a case of their beautiful vine ripe tomatoes.  We know the owner of Ritter farms and he went down to their sorting house and selected each of us a beautiful case of tomatoes.  I wish I could adequately describe the taste of these wonderful tomatoes,  They are very acidic and taste like a tomato should.
I sliced several of them for our grillfest yesterday and in addition, I sliced some and slathered them with EVO, salt, pepper, mozzarella cheese with some pepperoni on top and broiled them for a couple of minutes.  Totally outstanding.
They are having a huge tomato festival in Rutledge, TN this weekend and thousands attend.

ann peeples
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Re:Grainger County tomatoes - Sun, 07/24/11 6:56 PM
I am very jealous.A good tomato is hard to come by around here.

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Re:Grainger County tomatoes - Mon, 07/25/11 6:42 AM
I'm equally jealous.  I was hooked on them while living in TN.  My hone grown tomatoes never did and still don't match up.  I've nearly given up on buying any since leaving TN.

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Re:Grainger County tomatoes - Mon, 07/25/11 7:57 AM
Grainger County tomatoes are excellent, and it's difficult to find them around here on a regular basis.

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Re:Grainger County tomatoes - Mon, 07/25/11 9:16 AM
She who must be obeyed and I had tomato and onion sandwichs using grainger tomatoes and vidalia onions on some rye bread, a big cold glass of sweet tea and I was in heaven.
Tonight we'll put some bacon on them =)