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Fishermans Net - Sat, 08/27/11 9:42 PM
we took a ride on the bike this afternoon with Fishermans Net in Flagler Beach, FL. as our dinner destination.
we arrived at about 5:45 pm and was seated right away at a window table looking out on A1A & the Atlantic Ocean.
the service by our waitress Laura was fast,friendly,& attentive.
once you are seated out comes a bowl of smoked crab dip & crackers.very good.
we arrived right before the early bird specials so Peg ordered off that menu.
all meals come with salad & an extensive list of dressings. sorry no pics of the salads.
The smoked crab dip

Peg's stuffed flounder and rice pilaf

Bob ordered the broiled sea scallops with rice pilaf

The interior was roomy with a nautical atmosphere.  We were seated in the bar area by the window, but we didn't take any pictures of that.  This is the main dining room.  There isn't any outdoor seating.

The restaurant is located in Flagler Beach on A1A, diagonally across from the pier. I'ts just south of SR100.

These are the pictures of that take home menu which is the same as the regular menu.  It's heavy on seafood, but has something for everyone.

For every $20.00 you spend, they give you one of these $1.00 cards.  You can use them in the restaurant or bar.

Heading to Fisherman's Net from the south on A1A, about a mile before it you will come across this house.  We took these pictures earlier in the year but had nowhere to put them.  Now they are relevant. ARRRRRRHHHH Matey's!!

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Re:Fishermans Net - Sat, 08/27/11 10:23 PM
Hey Bob, thanks for the post.  I have not been to the Fishermans Net in a while, but will have to try it next time I'm on the coast.  We were going to the Flagler Fish House, but last time we went it was awful, so need a new fish place to try.    The Flagler Fish House has awsome fish dip though.  Have you been to the hotdog place next to the Fish House??  Was wondering how it was. 
  We go to the Brickhouse and Petes when we are in Daytona.  Very good places.  Is there any Chinese places around??  Sometimes we just crave it and no place in Ocala is good?  Glad you guys dodged the brunt of the hurricane.  The sea must have been an awsome site

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Re:Fishermans Net - Fri, 02/17/12 2:52 AM
Thanks for the share. Can you give us the latest picture of this restaurant? Its like a ship - restaurant!
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Re:Fishermans Net - Fri, 02/17/12 7:26 AM
Thanks SK

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Re:Fishermans Net - Sat, 02/18/12 9:17 AM
Looks like a good find, Bob!
Is the pirate infested place a home?

sk bob
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Re:Fishermans Net - Sat, 02/18/12 10:46 AM
yes it is Don. the people are full time residents.

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Re:Fishermans Net - Sat, 02/18/12 11:42 AM
Have driven by this place many times, always on the way to somewhere.
Thanks for the post!

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Re:Fishermans Net - Tue, 02/28/12 9:09 AM
Thats a good sized order of Scallops...They look delicious !