The Beef Hut (middle of nowhere, IL)

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The Beef Hut (middle of nowhere, IL) - Sat, 09/3/11 7:47 PM
Last Monday I was on my way home from a long weekend and found an unexpected surprise here (US-30 facing east).

US-30 facing west.  This intersection is about 15 miles north of Mendota and 12 miles south of Rochelle.

The northeast corner has a scale and an abandoned truck stop, the southwest corner has a strip club, and the northwest corner has something I never expected to find in the middle of the Flatland.

Since I hadn't eaten yet I made a quick decision to pull in and check it out.  I spent a few minutes chatting with the owner while waiting for my order and I learned that he uses a CB radio to take orders from truckers; in fact, while I was there a grain truck pulled onto the US-30 shoulder and the driver came and got his lunch to go.  That's a good marketing strategy, and they also do catering jobs.
I ordered the beef and sausage combo, wet.  It was very good and The Beef Hut uses a fairly sweet sausage instead of a spicier version.

I don't know what the Chicago dog options are in Mendota and Rochelle but if I lived in the area and had a hankering I would have no problem taking a drive on a nice spring, summer, or fall day.

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Re:The Beef Hut (middle of nowhere, IL) - Sun, 09/4/11 1:01 AM
That's a nice looking rig to be out in the middle of nowhere!

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Re:The Beef Hut (middle of nowhere, IL) - Sun, 09/4/11 1:36 AM
Whaddaya mean, "the middle of nowhere"?  He said there was a strip club, didn't he?  Them poor girls gotta eat, for cryin' out loud.  Keep their strength up, and what not.

ann peeples
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Re:The Beef Hut (middle of nowhere, IL) - Sun, 09/4/11 1:41 AM
What a great find!!

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Re:The Beef Hut (middle of nowhere, IL) - Sun, 09/4/11 10:13 AM
Good find and nice pix!
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Re:The Beef Hut (middle of nowhere, IL) - Sun, 09/4/11 12:00 PM
Very cool story. I'll bet you were elated to find this "oasis" out in the middle of "nowhere". Only true Roadfooder's would have stopped.

Wienie Will
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Re:The Beef Hut (middle of nowhere, IL) - Sun, 09/4/11 6:52 PM
Can we get a picture of the strip club?
(What?!?!  I'm just askin'...)

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Re:The Beef Hut (middle of nowhere, IL) - Thu, 10/13/11 2:56 PM
A true Roadfood find / review! That beef and sausage looks awesome!