YooHoo Coconut

Junior Burger
2011/10/03 11:19:41
Does anyone here remember YooHoo Coconut flavored drink which later became Koko Blanco.
Is this drink still available anywhere? Does anyone know of any other coconut drink simular to
koko blanco?
Re:YooHoo Coconut 2011/10/03 11:33:47
Yoo-Hoo is sold in all the grocery stores in Dallas but, I never heard of Koko Blanco. Sounds like something I would drink, though. I grew up in NYC drinking Yoo-Hoo as a kid. It was always my favorite drink (except for a candy store egg cream) growing up. I wish they would also make Yoo-Hoo sugar free using Splenda.
Double Cheeseburger
Re:YooHoo Coconut 2011/10/03 17:06:39
doulasc, I have seen and bought Coconut YooHoo only a handful of times, and only in random convenience stores.  I'd like to say that it's still available, but the last bottle I had was two years ago!    Chris
Junior Burger
Re:YooHoo Coconut 2011/11/20 07:23:00
I love Yoo-Hoo and I would love to try that flavor. 
ann peeples
Re:YooHoo Coconut 2011/11/20 13:25:15
That would be a YooHoo we would love to try!
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:YooHoo Coconut 2011/11/22 08:54:25
I used to love the coconut yoo-hoo.  Sadly, it is discontinued, but I did find an online petition you can sign to bring it back! 
Junior Burger
Re:YooHoo Coconut 2012/08/16 03:08:07
Sorry for the necro bump, but I found this thread while doing my occasional "scour google for any updates on coconut yoo hoo".  I had done a short article back in 98 asking for this (bear in mind, this was on a members.aol.com page, it wasn't exactly a New York Times op ed piece). 
And ever since then, have tried finding the mythical Koko Blanco, to no avail.
But for those desperate for a fix, I found that Torani coconut syrup in skim milk is a pretty darn close approximation.  As close as we're likely to get, anyway.  Since it's milk and not water with milk products, it won't be exactly the same texture.  But that's why skim works best, since its the most watery.