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Williamsburg Brooklyn Breakfast - Fri, 12/2/11 10:55 AM
I have a friend up in Williamsburg Brooklyn area of New York. Sorry, I'm not sure exactly what part.
He loves breakfast and I'd like to see about getting him a gift certificate somewhere. I'm not sure if he'll spend a free moment to himself or take his girl and kid, but I might want to factor that in as well. Because, I read a review of Egg that you can have long waits and some reviews don't like the food.

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Re:Williamsburg Brooklyn Breakfast - Sun, 12/4/11 2:53 PM
Williamsburg is a neighborhood and not that big.
However, as a former resident of Brooklyn, I'd recommend a gift certificate from Junior's.  It's not in Williamsburg but not that far.  A great place for breakfast and - even better - possibly the world's greatest cheesecake.  

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Re:Williamsburg Brooklyn Breakfast - Mon, 12/5/11 12:57 PM
Williamsburg probably has a lot of small trendy brunch places. I can't personally recommend any since I don't live in that area, but there are some pretty good reviews on seriouseats.com
I searched that site for williamsburg and brunch. http://www.seriouseats.co...ch=Williamsburg+brunch
This place looks pretty great. http://newyork.seriouseat...ed-chicken-review.html
Or try this list? http://www.yelp.com/searc...:NY:New_York:Brooklyn:

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Re:Williamsburg Brooklyn Breakfast - Tue, 12/13/11 10:07 PM
How old is the child? What kind of food do they like?
Pies and Thighs is kid friendly http://piesnthighs.com/index.html
and Brooklyn Bowl has good food and a family friendly weekend brunch http://www.brooklynbowl.com/food