Silver Carp n' Chips

Sonny Funzio
Double Cheeseburger
2012/01/09 03:17:38
Anyone know of a restaurant that serves Silver Carp?  (That's the Asian Carp species that leaps out of the water when a boat approaches.)
Or, has anyone tried it? ... if so what did you think of it?
It is one of the most popular fish in China.
I know it's supposed to have a fair amount of small bones in it ... but it would really seem like a missed opportunity here, considering how expensive fish is for dishes like fish & chips.
I'm surprised I've never seen it on any menu.
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Re:Silver Carp n' Chips 2012/01/09 03:45:21
Re:Silver Carp n' Chips 2012/01/09 08:14:01
I have never eaten the Silver Carp but have had carp at Joe Tess's Place in
Omaha,Nebraska. You think you were eating some type of ocean fish. They
bring them from Minnesota and Wisconsin, put them is fresh clear water lakes for
a while then bring them into there fish market where they keep fresh water
running in large holding tanks. I don't know for hold long but they sell hundreds of pounds at the restaurant. And it's not a small place.
Google Joe Tess's Place in Omaha, it's a interesting read.