There's a fat guy in my jeans

Filet Mignon
2012/02/05 12:28:24
I started my Diet on Jan 3rd after we got back from our Holiday vacation. The Hotel we stayed at had a breakfast buffet with Omelet bar, Pastries, hot and cold cereal, Miso soup, sausage, bacon, hash browns, gravy, Rice, pancakes, french toast, salad, fresh fruit, yogurt, all kinds of breakfast juices, coffee and so on. I noticed even the Japanese " who I thought lived on a fish and rice" diet, had plates stacked with all the breakfast meats, eggs, pastries and so on. Of course all the Americans had more then they could eat on their plates. I started out with my plate thinking I would just get small portions, I don't eat this much at home, why eat 2000 calories, I'm not going out digging ditches all day. After seeing how much the world is over eating, including myself, I decided to get on the stick and loose some weight. I lost 18 lbs in January, hope to loose about 10lbs a month here on out. I eat two meals a day, a late breakfast and a early dinner with fresh fruit for a snack at night. In most cases, I eat between 350 to 450 calories for breakfast and 450 to 600 calories for dinner, trying to stay around 1000 calories a day, maybe up to 1200 on other days. This is a sample breakfast, 475 calories, I decided to eat well for each meal, so I can enjoy loosing the weight and not going crazy hungry all day long.............
Spinach, onion,green pepper,mushroom and cheese omelet:
The vegetables are low in calories, but the cheese sure isn't:

Sweat the vegetables so very little butter/ marg is used:

Tow eggs added to the veggies, after bleeding the egg, read to flip:

After adding the cheese, it's folded onto the plate, with two pieces of wheat toast and raspberry jelly:

Oh, can't forget the hot sauce, zero calories:

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Re:There's a fat guy in my jeans 2012/02/05 12:55:13
Looks good, how much are you trying to lose?
Re:There's a fat guy in my jeans 2012/02/05 13:09:50
Why not eat only Subway Subs for 3 years?
Re:There's a fat guy in my jeans 2012/02/05 19:22:37
No butter under the eggs?  Looks like a great appetizer.
Double Cheeseburger
Re:There's a fat guy in my jeans 2012/02/05 21:35:40
Why not eat only Subway Subs for 3 years?

Or tacos for 3 years...???
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Re:There's a fat guy in my jeans 2012/02/06 08:46:07
That looks great! I am trying to get myself into the oatmeal thing in the morning, but your breakfast looks MUCH more appetizing!
Filet Mignon
Re:There's a fat guy in my jeans 2012/02/06 09:11:02
Ct, I do the Oatmeal thing a few times a week, with fresh blueberries, bananas and so on. The omelet thing lets me get some protein, get away from the cereal, change the look of breakfast to a more tasty meal. I eat the oatmeal breakfast when I know my meal later in the day is going to be higher in calories. There are many days I have a breakfast like this.....This salad and sandwich is about 350 calories, I walk away feeling full, thats a good thing.........