LockedMY Lentil and Vegetable Soup

Treetop Tom
2012/03/15 14:06:46
Delicious?  You bet!  And so easy to make!  Just open the can, dump it in a bowl, heat & eat.  It must’ve smelled good because my neighbor came in and said “That smells good.”  I told him “What the &*^$%# are you doing in my house you *&^*^%$?  You’d better get the &^$ outta here!”  I’m not putting up with any of that nonsense – go take a long walk off a short pier, I says, go jump in a lake, go dry up and blow away, you young whippersnapper.  Buzz off, I told him.  Get lost.  There’s a bus leaving in 10 minutes, be under it, says I.  I really told him, all right!  You’re not getting me with your shenanigans, mister!
Tony Bad
Fire Safety Admin
Re:MY Lentil and Vegetable Soup 2012/03/15 14:30:09
Do you feel better now?
Your other option would be to just ignore the posts that send you into these fits.