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The Sausage Maker - Sun, 03/18/12 6:01 PM
It's more exciting than looking at the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue!!!
If you're into all things sausage, smoked meat, jerky, seasonings, home-made hot dogs, dehydrators, cheese making, canning meat processing and curing and all the equipment related to doing it, may I suggest:
They have some geat looking smokers.
In addition to the web site, they offer a free 75 page catalog of all this stuff.
The Catalog can be mailed or Downloaded.
They're located in Buffalo, NY. I think they might have a store there also but not sure.
From their web site:

"The Sausage Maker is the world's source for meat processing and sausage making equipment for home use. Our company began over 30 years ago, and today we are proud to say that we are one of the top suppliers and manufacturers in the market.
Our product line includes all of the tools necessary to butcher and process meat, whether for use in a home kitchen or in a commercial butcher shop - Meat Grinders, Meat Mixers, Sausage Stuffers, Smokehouses, and Food Dehydrators. All of the machines we produce are made exclusively of the highest quality materials and have been designed by our engineers in Buffalo, New York.
We are very confident when we say that our meat processing equipment is better than any available alternative. Each TSM product line features our original Sausage Maker designs, which have been altered and perfected over the years to meet the specific usage needs of our customers. Everyone here believes that our customers deserve the most innovative, high quality machines that we can make, and we strive every day to surpass these expectations. The combination of modern equipment with skilled workmanship and careful attention to detail is evident in everything we produce."

Their sister web site is: 
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Re:The Sausage Maker - Sun, 03/18/12 6:25 PM
I've bought curing salts, casings, knives, and several other things, always had good luck. Quick shipping and very fair prices.

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Re:The Sausage Maker - Sun, 03/18/12 9:16 PM
their in the niagara  food terminal at clinton and bailey ave.they dont really have a store there ,but you can go their and pickup items.

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Re:The Sausage Maker - Tue, 03/20/12 12:25 AM
I've bought from them many times and find them to be good and reliable. If you're serious about doing home-made or even commercial sausage, they are the best