Lasagne soup!

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Re:Coming up, Lasagne soup! 2012/03/27 21:03:21

Damn groundhogs or whistle pigs.  I have had to have them trapped almost every year from building a home under my boat house.  I like to see them but they raid my garden and the last time, they made the beans look like a late winter frost hit them.  They were nothing but stems.  I paid a trapper a couple of big ones of remove them to a safe area.  Might have made a good BBQ?  Not for me!!!

Paul E. Smith
Knoxville, TN

Paul, invite Michael and Lisa down for a weekend, he makes them croak, she makes them smoke!
Re:Lasagne soup! 2012/04/13 12:07:32

Lets hear what you think the recipe should be. It's my newest soup, never had it's delicious!

What do you think???

Photo 1: With some delicious mozz
Photo 2: Without Mozz
Photo 3: With Mozz 

Look what I found while avoiding work!
Re:Lasagne soup! 2012/04/13 15:15:43
Gosh Chewy, That looks good.. and I cant eat cheese!
Brian would dive in!!
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