Break Cake

Eric B
2012/03/25 20:17:32
I've mentioned these before, but no one ever commented. They seemed unknown, even though they were probably all over the bulk of the country (just over here in the east or at least the northeast I never heard of them).
Well, now, someone has a video of a commercial for them:
Pretty much the typical Hostess imitations. The only ones of these I had remembered, were the pies, which look almost like Drake's two mini-pies, but are joined by a thinner section in the middle. 
What I most remember the line for (not shown here) were the SHAKE CAKES! These were like Dolly "Zingers"; basically rectangular " fingers", with ribbed icing on top; but slightly longer, and came in chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. It was the cake and icing that were flavored; not just the icing! There was nothing else like these anywhere!
It was '89 when  I saw these (don't know when the commercial was from), and when I returned to NYC, I never saw them again. A few years later, other Break products surprisingly turned up in NYC, replacing the Royal creme pies carried by Operative ("Lady Linda" distributor) for a time! But the Shake Cakes were discontinued by then. Now, the owner, Campbell Taggart has changed its name to Earth Grains, and discontinued the Break Cake line and all brands but Earth Grains bread.
Does anyone else remember these?
They struck me also, for rhyming with "Drake's", which even had a slogan in the 80's, "Drake's Break". (And the "Colonial" logo resembled the logo Drake's was using at that time in the late 80's). And they had these unique cakes, like most Drake's were unique; and again, the pies resembled each other. The only thing, is that Break had lard in them, while Drake's was completely kosher, but that seemed to be the only Break product with animal fat.
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Eric B
Re:Break Cake 2013/05/28 21:02:49
Just found a version of the commercial, dated 1988 (the year before I saw the cakes) that adds shake cakes! The video quality is terrible, but you can catch a few glimpses of them at the end. (Now, finally some evidence these things existed!)

Still, no one remembers these at all?
I have also found that Earth Grains the company was bought out by Grupo Bimbo. Flowers Foods will be licensing the Earth Grains bread label, however, but will have nothing to do with the cakes. I've already e-mailed Bimbo about the Shake Cakes. 
Re:Break Cake 2013/05/29 09:03:43
I don't remember the name or ever seeing them in the stores here in the Midwest, but to be fair I didn't check out that aisle very often.
Eric B
Re:Break Cake 2013/11/04 11:55:35
Found more info about the company. Break Cake was actually the renaming of Patty Cake.  
(The company name was "Coosa", which became or was integrated into the final "Earth Grains"; and other Coosa products could be found anywhere, like the miscellaneous cake racks here in NY, sometimes. I think those "Stage Plank" cookies were by them too).,3044105
I had remembered seeing that brand in places in VA, in the mid-80's.  

Makes sense, as the Pattycake logo even uses the same colors as Break:
Apparently, the Pattycake brand lasted on some products like these crackers, while the cakes became "Break".
Oh, well, this stuff is buried and probably somewhere in Orograin ownership now.