Trouble Connecting

Fire Safety Admin
2003/04/10 13:30:08
Michael or Stephen:

Perhaps its just me or my computer or my connection, but there are several times a day that I cannot connect. Will your system only allow so many on at one time. Perhaps I am abusing your system by participating too much.
Stephen Rushmore Jr.
Fire Safety Admin
RE: Trouble Connecting 2003/04/10 14:51:06
It has been working well for me lately. We do get occasional down time (we are up 99.99%), but none of which that I experienced lately.
RE: Trouble Connecting 2003/04/10 15:16:40

Maybe there's a fried clam or something clogging up your lines!

mayor al
Fire Safety Admin
RE: Trouble Connecting 2003/04/10 20:54:00
Did You remember to say THANK YOU, to Sarah the Operator for Tennessee Bell, when she connected you? hehehe