Where to find waffles with ice cream?

2012/05/20 10:40:24
Does anybody sell waffles with ice cream any more?  I'm not talking about waffle cones.  I mean a real waffle made in an actual waffle iron.  Two waffle squares with a slab of ice cream in the middle.  I've read that before cones took over, this was how people in some parts of the country took ice cream to go.  There used to be a stand at Coney Island and one on the LIRR level at Penn Station that sold them.  They made the waffles right there.  The still warm waffle caused the ice cream to melt a bit into the waffle.  Hot and cold.  Creamy and crunchy.  Both places are gone now.
Does anybody know any places that still sell real (made on the spot) waffles with ice cream?
What made me think of this is an article in the Huffington Post that Carl Jr's is testing an "ice cream hamburger" - a slab of chocolate ice cream between two sugar cookies, made to look like a hamburger.  Sounds way too icky sweet (the reviewer tried it and agreed) but waffles and ice cream seemed to have a really good balance of tastes and textures.  If I could only find them again.
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Re:Where to find waffles with ice cream? 2012/05/20 22:16:20
Michael, go on youtube and look up Keansburg BoardWalk, watch the commercials , there is a place in the video that still does it the right way.Waffle Icecream sandwiches were always good. I lived down the road from the boardwalk and went there daily.
Ralph Melton
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Re:Where to find waffles with ice cream? 2012/05/21 14:51:18
There's a newish place in Pittsburgh called Waffallonia that sells waffles with ice cream. I wasn't impressed myself on our one visit, but others might well feel differently.
Chris Ayers told me about the hot waffle ice cream sandwich at Lighthouse Ice Cream and Yogurt in San Diego, though I haven't tried it myself.
Re:Where to find waffles with ice cream? 2012/05/22 04:33:50
Make yur own at home:
Or find a place like this:
Sounds like a great idea for a Food Truck!!!!!![:p]
Someone beat me to it! There are a number of Belgium Waffle trucks already operating on the west coast.
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Re:Where to find waffles with ice cream? 2012/05/22 15:09:12
When in Los Angeles:
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Re:Where to find waffles with ice cream? 2012/05/22 15:22:51
I do remember making these as a kid:
1. Make two square waffles.
2. Get a box of Neapolitan Ice Cream.
3. Slice the corners of the box and fold them down so you've got an exposed brick of ice cream
4. Use a cheese slicer to slice off a ~1" thick slice of ice cream.
5. Assemble sandwich
6. Enjoy
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Re:Where to find waffles with ice cream? 2012/05/22 15:24:30
It's about 2 hours from you, but Knoeble's Park (well worth the trip) in Elysburg Pa has them.
Tristan Indiana
Re:Where to find waffles with ice cream? 2012/08/14 19:18:07
I remember the Pure Food And Drink Act in Pasadena, CA use to serve Belgium waffles with frozen yogurt and fresh fruit on top of it. I still have a coffee mug from the place but it's been gone for quite a while.
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Re:Where to find waffles with ice cream? 2012/08/17 19:29:31
I ran across someone last spring at an event in Calhoun, GA that was selling them, they even dipped them half way up in chocolate. Really amazing flavor.