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size - Wed, 05/23/12 6:57 PM
i lived in clifton in my 20s and went back this week -now in my 60s-and the hot dogs seemed half the size they used to be-has the thickness been reduced over the years-just curious

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Re:size - Wed, 05/23/12 7:43 PM
Size? Length? Girth? Weight? Vienna Beef from Chicago makes it. How about 3 pounds and 22 inches?
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Re:size - Wed, 05/23/12 8:24 PM
Is there any point of comparison here.
At the grocery store ???
At a friend's cookout ???
New Jersey ???
Rutt's ???

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Re:size - Wed, 05/23/12 9:27 PM
Unlike candy bars, which have decidedly shrunk over the years while their price has risen, hot dog size has always been all over the place. For the most part hot dog joints have always served anything from 12 to a lb. to quarter pounders. It's the price that has changed.
 That's why a good report on a purveyor of the frank must include size, as well as method of cooking, dog brand, ingredients of the weenie (i.e-pork, beef, both?), type of bun (steamed, toasted, or other, and is it a good match for the dog?). Don't just tell me they have great toppings and you like the paintings on the wall. While I like all that, I'm more concerned with the important stuff here listed, and then the cleanliness of the bathroom. If the bathroom isn't clean, where you have access, gosh knows what the preparation area looks like. 
  The best advice, if you like the dog but find it a bit small, is have two, or three, if that's what it takes to create the nostalgic feeling you seek. And if it means not giving Mr. Fields his rent that week, maybe Hillary Brooks has a cousin who can loan a fellow a few bucks.
  The Bear

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Re:size - Wed, 05/23/12 10:15 PM
Well in the earlier days most hot dogs and sausages used natural casings either sheep for smaller diameter or hog for larger.  Today many are made using a plastic casing, then that is stripped off the hot dog after cooking, so the diameters now are up to manufacturers preference, a slightly smaller diameter gives the illusion the hot dog is the same.  Unless your buying by weight, they can reduce the diameter slightly and give the illusion your still getting the same amount if sold by quantity.

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Re:size - Thu, 05/24/12 4:19 AM
I lived in Clifton in my 20s and went back this week -now in my 60s-and the hot dogs seemed half the size they used to be-has the thickness been reduced over the years-just curious

Welcome to Roadfood.
You're getting older and developing tunnel vision!
Seriously, read EVERY POST on this thread and you'll know EVERYTHING that has happened in the NJ Hot Dog World while you were gone for 40 years! 
It's one of the largest and oldest threads on