I am looking for a chili recipe

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I am looking for a chili recipe - Thu, 05/24/12 3:53 PM
I am looking for a chili recipe from Big Top Shoppes in Westport, CT, They have been out of business for many years. They made the best chili cheeseburgers and chili dogs that I have ever had. Is it possible that someone out there may know where to find that chili recipe?

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Re:I am looking for a chili recipe - Sat, 06/2/12 12:08 AM
Ive never had it but there are loads of sites out there that do clones of popular foods. It sounds like it was rather local so you may find some info from someone who worked there. My best advice would be to experiment at home to approximate the same taste.
While I do live in CT now, I really miss living in Ridgefield. It was a quiet hub to many good things.