Thai Street Food and Videos

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Thai Street Food and Videos - Sun, 06/24/12 12:35 AM
I thought I'd post this here, as there was some interest in the site in an unrelated post.
As a person that eats at these places daily, I can say he has chosen a good variety, yet not focused on commercialized Thai food.  What you see in these is pretty much what you'd see on any street in any city in Thailand.   I just read where there are estimated to be 43,000 street vendors in Bangkok alone. 
For any sausage makers out there the video about northern Thai sausage has a good recipe that I'm sure will be a unique addition to your recipe collection.  If at all possible use fresh ingredients, not powders or dried anything, it will not be the same!
 Hope you enjoy.

carlton pierre
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Re:Thai Street Food and Videos - Mon, 06/25/12 8:02 AM
Love this site.  I can't watch the videos for very long before I'm getting my own wok out and making something.  I find them to be very inspiring.

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Re:Thai Street Food and Videos - Mon, 06/25/12 8:36 AM
This sure takes me back to my Navy days when we made port visits to Pattaya Beach and rode up to Bankok for a few days. I could eat my way through the town.

Russ Jackson
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Re:Thai Street Food and Videos - Thu, 09/5/13 6:45 AM
Its a great site. Well done videos. I buy stuff from them as well....Russ

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Re:Thai Street Food and Videos - Wed, 10/30/13 10:49 PM
Every time we go back to Thailand all we do is eat, eat, eat, and eat that the street vendors. Thanks for posting!

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Re:Thai Street Food and Videos - Thu, 10/31/13 12:08 AM
Great videos! I love Thai food. Especially, Tom Ka Gai!