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R.I.P. Bikewriter - Wed, 07/4/12 5:57 AM
Some of you will remember my cousin Dick who made a short lived big splash here a few years ago. He passed away on Memorial day. It was several days later that I found out. Which sucked, I was in Memphis weekend until Wednesday. Funeral was Friday and I could have easily gone.
Dick, not Richard and Dickie to family was a Viet vet. He did 2 tours there with the AF. He worked at and retired from a DuPont chemical plant in Texas City. His dad, my Uncle, survived the huge explosions and fires there in 1947. He, Uncle Gene, was a volunteer FF. As was Dickie and both of his brothers.
I didn't know him well, he was in Texas and I in Calif. He was 12 years older than I. After the 'net became available we got to know each other better. e-mail and websites in common.

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Re:R.I.P. Bikewriter - Wed, 07/4/12 2:46 PM
Sorry for your loss.
Sounds like the internet might be a good thing.

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Re:R.I.P. Bikewriter - Wed, 07/4/12 11:23 PM
MikS. he sounds like a good guy.. AF .. two terms in Vietnam.. I am glad you did connect ... and he is connected to you. he will be.. Just cause we dont say all that comes to mind.. well he knows how you care for him

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Re:R.I.P. Bikewriter - Thu, 07/5/12 1:27 AM
I've heard many stories of dislocated and distant family members getting reunited as a result of the net.
There are 80 members, (All Americans from all over the USA) of my Grandaughter's boyfriend's family over in Germany right now reuniting with European relatives for a big family gathering! Several hundred of them! The project was 2 years in the planning!
Be thankful for the time we have with family.
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