Average Taco Sales Per Week

Junior Burger
2012/08/17 21:04:36
I want to get an count of how many tacos a person could expect to sell in a week working 12 hour shift 11am-11pm in a Taco food truck. What if this truck was in a permanent location with other food trucks? Kinda like a outdoor food court. Any guess on sales?  
Re:Average Taco Sales Per Week 2012/08/17 23:09:03
Try the professional's forum.  You'll get better answers.
Re:Average Taco Sales Per Week 2012/08/18 03:29:34
Impossible to answer this given the lack of information you provided. Like asking how many angels can you get on the head of a pin. Even with vast information it's impossible to answer because everyone's situation is different.
There is no accurate answer to your question.
Just get in the pool and swim.
Captain Morgan
Double Cheeseburger
Re:Average Taco Sales Per Week 2012/09/06 14:26:27