Burger Chef

Junior Burger
2012/08/29 10:50:45
When I was a kids in the 60's I loved to go to Burger Chef on HWY98 in Fort Walton Beach.  The Big Chef sandwich had a great sauce.
Re:Burger Chef 2012/08/30 21:42:25
Hardee's took over Burger Chef.  Carl's Jr. took over Hardee's.  But some Hardee's that used to be Burger Chef still retain some Burger Chef items on the menu.
Re:Burger Chef 2012/09/01 12:17:17
The Big Chef was always my favorite.   I recall gagging over my first Big Mac - similar, but a much different item.   About every 5-7 years since, I've tried a Big Mac (primarily when enticed with a coupon) to see if it's really as bad as I recall.   It always is.   At one time, they ran an ad campaign something along the idea of one keeps coming back for a Big Mac.  For me, it's more that a big Mac keeps coming back on me (for many hours). 
Closest I've found is the Steak & Shake steak burger with their Frisco sauce.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Burger Chef 2012/09/07 10:48:03
Scramble, there are one or several great threads in the archives here on Roadfood about Burger Chef. There is still a franchisee of Burger Chef who rolls his own and puts out pretty much the old menu items.