LD's BBQ, Big Bend, WI

Pepper Breath
2012/09/07 22:21:11
I've been driving by this place for 3 years and finally stopped to give it a taste. LD's is set up in a gas station parking lot at the corner of Hwy 164 & Hwy ES just north of I-43  in Waukesha county, Wisconsin. I had a great spicy brisket sandwich that was tender and juicy w/slaw on the side and my wife had a bbq chicken sandwich that was equally tasty w/cornbread that was soft and moist, more like a cake but very good. Check his website and menu at www.LDsBBQ.com.
Happy Eats!
ann peeples
Re:LD's BBQ, Big Bend, WI 2012/09/08 14:52:35
Sounds good! Not too far for us to check it out........have family in Elkhorn.
Junior Burger
Re:LD's BBQ, Big Bend, WI 2014/01/28 20:37:36
LD'S is now a bit further South on I-43. East Troy exit, I think it's Hwy 20? Shares space with a BP gas station.
Awesome food.
My goto order is a half rack, mild sauce on the side. Baked beans w/shredded cheddar and potato salad as my sides.
Re:LD's BBQ, Big Bend, WI 2014/01/29 10:57:44
Website and Facebook.
Kind of hard to think about driving all the way to East Troy when the weather's like it's been but that'd be a nice trip in warmer weather.  Maybe a 2-for-1 when the Contingent meets at Fred's in August.
Re:LD's BBQ, Big Bend, WI 2014/01/29 12:18:33
No menu on their website, what's up with that?
Re:LD's BBQ, Big Bend, WI 2014/01/29 12:41:15
The button's on the left side of the screen but can be a little hard to see.
Junior Burger
Re:LD's BBQ, Big Bend, WI 2014/02/07 22:18:03
LD's has been having issues with the extreme cold. Leon is adding an insulated smoker to help in this cold snap.
Check LD's Facebook page for updates.
Pepper Breath
Re:LD's BBQ, Big Bend, WI 2014/05/17 07:56:07
LD's has designated Wednesday's as "Meatloaf Wednesday". They DO NOT skimp on the slice of meatloaf on the bun and it's the most mouthwatering, died and gone to heaven meatloaf I've ever had!
Re:LD's BBQ, Big Bend, WI 2014/06/13 22:09:31
I had a chance to stop at LD's last Saturday.








I ordered the combo plate with ribs, brisket, sausage, chicken, and mild sauce with beans and cornbread as my sides.  Overall it was a good meal with the ribs being my favorite; the meat pulled from the bone but didn't fall off, and they had some nice smoke (certainly more than what a lot of barbecue has in this part of the country).  The brisket seemed to have less smoke than the other meats but was still beefy and a nice mix of fat and lean, so the flavor was good.  I'm not sure how the sausage started out but what I was served had a nice snap and wasn't too salty, which sometimes seem to happen, and the chicken was just as smoky as the ribs.  The sauce is sold as mild but still has some pepper and tanginess without being too sweet.  The sides were also good with the made-ahead cornbread being sweeter than some versions I've had, and the beans were rich and had plenty of meat.  I'd definitely eat here again.
Also, I had a chance to talk with LD (the L stands for Leon) for a few minutes and he's a personable guy who enjoys and cares about what he's doing.  He grew up an "Army brat" and was previously a traveling nurse so he's seen his share of the USA, plus he also has a little bit of a Roadfood streak as he commented that as he traveled he made a point of eating a lot of the foods indigenous to wherever he happened to be, which was often seafood in the Carolinas and barbecue in the inland south.  And keeping with that indigenous theme his smoke wood of choice is the we-gots-lots-of-it oak.
He's putting on a small barbecue demo and seminar next Sunday and if I get the chance I just might make the 45-minute drive back to East Troy.