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Noob looking for advice - Mon, 09/10/12 1:18 PM
Hey all, I have a decent day job and most days it is alight. I have just always wanted to go into business for myself. I enjoy cooking and have for a long time thought a food truck would be a good fit for me. Something I can ease into slowly and if and when it takes off it can be a full time job.
The things I am debating on is whether or not to get a pull behind concession trailer vs a food truck? Pros and cons? Concession trailers can be had at a good price where as a food truck obviously can be a quite a bit higher.
Also, are there company's out there that specialize in converting trailers and ups trucks into food trucks? I have been unable to find anyone in my area.
All in all just looking for some general advice of getting into the business. I know I still have a lot of research to do.
Thanks all,

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Re:Noob looking for advice - Mon, 09/10/12 4:14 PM
Hey, I'm also a noob here and have also a decent paying job and recently started my business, the one think that I think will help you the most is knowing your market and what type of food is served in your area and make sure you know how to cook it. I worked for about 10 yrs. in mid to high end restaurants until an accident took me out, changed careers but now I'm back in the saddle, I don't think one just wakes up one day and decides to open up shop, well maybe some people do but they must have lots of money.
before you decide to buy either a trailer, van airplane or boat consider the market, I'm pretty sure you already done this but never hurts to re-think, the ecomony, location and menu.
Just my 2 economic cents.
BTW I've just purchased an old IH Van that I'm working  on right now, had the right price so I went ahead and bought it anyways, BUT, we had the business already running doing farmer's markets and setting up tents.
anyways, keep us posted with whatever you decide to purchase and if you're handy maybe you can build it yourself, there's a lot of information in this forum to help you get started

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Re:Noob looking for advice - Tue, 09/11/12 8:24 AM
Don't buy a food truck when...

You don't have any experience or knowledge how cooking for a living differs from "loving to cook".

Don't buy a food truck...

If you don't know how to put it on the road fast....or know someone personally that can do it faster. Sinking money into a project that will take months or years is not a good business plan...when you have never operated a mobile food business in your area.

Don't buy a food truck...

Because it was a great deal when you don't know enough but to be asking tons of questions to the general internet of people you don't know/who don't know you about wiring the electricity...yourself....just because you read it here on a food site.

Don't buy a food truck...

Because there are tons of threads with tons of information on builds.

Don't buy a food truck...

Unless you are in a position to lose a substantial amount of the investment it takes to customize & build it if this was not all it seemed cracked up to be for you.. Buyers don't care and experienced buyers see all the mistakes you made...and they don't pay for those. You do.
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Re:Noob looking for advice - Wed, 09/19/12 5:48 PM
great advice CCin