Anyone Remember Red Barn?

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Anyone Remember Red Barn? - Sun, 09/16/12 10:21 AM
As long as we are reminiscing about defunct fast food chains, anyone remember Red Barn.  I remember them opening up in East Lansing, MI, after McDonald's was already established.  They had indoor sit-down seating when McDonald's was still only outdoor walk-up.  They had the Big Barney before the Big Mac and the Barn Buster before the Quarter Pounder.  They even had a salad bar.  In East Lansing, they did a pretty good business with Mickey D right next door. 
After I moved away, I never saw many of them and they seemed to disappear all together.  Like Lum's (which also did well in East Lansing).
I liked Red Barn but somehow in fast food, the fittest don't always survive.

ann peeples
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Re:Anyone Remember Red Barn? - Sun, 09/16/12 12:51 PM
Yes, I do.

Flyover Culture
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Re:Anyone Remember Red Barn? - Sun, 09/16/12 3:28 PM
The Red Barn I remember was in Westland, Michigan. I don't remember, however, when they closed for good.

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Re:Anyone Remember Red Barn? - Tue, 09/18/12 10:44 AM
We had one down the street from my grandparent's house in Auburn, NY. It had formerly been a Carroll's, then Red Barn. I remember loving the Barn Buster. I don't think they lasted but a few years, I'm thinking they closed before I was 10 or 11 (late 70's-early 80's).

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Re:Anyone Remember Red Barn? - Tue, 09/18/12 2:00 PM
Had a few around Indiana too. They didn't last to long.

mayor al
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Re:Anyone Remember Red Barn? - Thu, 09/20/12 6:20 PM
Last time we came across Colorado on US 50 there was one in Montross CO. that was in 2008

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Re:Anyone Remember Red Barn? - Fri, 09/21/12 7:27 AM
There was one in Hamilton, OH where I grew up.

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Re:Anyone Remember Red Barn? - Mon, 09/24/12 7:52 AM
"When the hungries hit, when the hungries hit, hit the Red Barn."
Big Barney FTW!
Last one I recall was in Hyattsville, MD (very near the original's Ledo Pizza).

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Re:Anyone Remember Red Barn? - Mon, 09/24/12 9:05 AM
Hmmm.  Most of these posts report "sightings."  Not "dining experiences."  If people drove by but didn't stop, that explains why they went out of business.
This may be a big part of why so many restaurants fail - more than in any other type of business.  Getting people in the door.  There are a lot of restaurants I drive by regularly.  I notice them but I never try them.  And then there are some I try and like but don't go back.  Changing habits is hard.  I guess Red Barn couldn't wean enough people from MikeyD.

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Re:Anyone Remember Red Barn? - Thu, 10/4/12 3:24 PM
There was on years ago in Lewisdale MD accross from the original Ledo's pizza. I also remember on in Bladensburg Md. They both closed in the early 80's

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Re:Anyone Remember Red Barn? - Thu, 10/4/12 4:04 PM
There were about four Red Barns in London, Ontario for about twenty years beginning in the late sixties. I patronized them on the odd occasion, partially because I was opposed to McDonald's as a matter of general principle. McDonald's kid centric ads with Ronald McDonald irritated me.


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Re:Anyone Remember Red Barn? - Thu, 10/4/12 4:07 PM
They failed, but not by their own doing or lack of customer base. The thrived very well under Servomation's corporate oversight and support. Once Servomation was sold, the new owners essentially let Red Barn wither and die. They didn't renew leases, support the company, etc. They simply weren't interested in the chain and were only interested in Servomation.