Kings Bar and Grill (Miesville, MN)

2012/09/16 20:24:00
Has anyone here ever had a burger at Kings Bar and Grill in Miesville, Minnesota?  I drove by today and noticed the signs promoting the burgers, but as it was 9am I wasn't able to stop.  Out of curiosity I looked up Kings online and apparently it has quite a burger menu and a reputation to match!
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Re:Kings Bar and Grill (Miesville, MN) 2012/09/16 22:14:38
I've heard from some friends in that area that Kings Bar is not to be missed.  I have not been there.
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Re:Kings Bar and Grill (Miesville, MN) 2012/09/17 01:13:40
I just did a Google search on Kings Bar and Grill and stumbled across a very interesting magazine article from a few years ago. Matt's Bar in Minneapolis is the only one of the listed places that I've been to ( I loved my Jucy Lucy ), but hopefully I'll get a chance to try some of these other great-sounding burgers eventually.
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Re:Kings Bar and Grill (Miesville, MN) 2012/09/17 14:03:51
Was through there a couple of years ago. Not a large
burger but tasted okay. I believe its the gimmick of
offering a large variety of toppings and the fact its in
a very rural setting.  Nice stop at a small town
bar/restaurant. I wouldn't go far out of my way.
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Re:Kings Bar and Grill (Miesville, MN) 2012/09/17 15:37:37
Never been there.  If I was in the Miesville area, I'd go to Little Oscar's.
Re:Kings Bar and Grill (Miesville, MN) 2012/10/19 17:15:42
It is worth the drive.  The toppings, etc. do add a lot of intrigue, but by themselves, they are an honest-to-goodness burger.  Good atmosphere as well.
Re:Kings Bar and Grill (Miesville, MN) 2012/10/21 19:14:21
We make frequent trips between Minneapolis and La Crosse, WI and vary our drive down US 52 to I-90 via Rochester, US 61 along the Mississippi or 35 on the Wisconsin side of the Mississippi. Today on our way home we stopped at King's Bar & Grill in Miesville, MN since this topic was hot and could watch the last quarter of a Viking game we had been listening to on the radio. We were able to get seated despite the game pretty much filling the bar on a Sunday afternoon. I ordered the Kingburger with bacon, cheese, mushrooms and fried onions. It's a worthy bar burger and is not overly huge. A half-pound version can be ordered.

Re:Kings Bar and Grill (Miesville, MN) 2012/10/22 08:07:53
Thanks, Davydd!  I'll add Kings to my list of potential places to visit when I need to kill a summer Saturday.