The Babe And I

Michael Hoffman
Double-chop Porterhouse
2012/09/20 13:42:56
Anyone interested in a little bit of sports history might find this story from today's New Haven Register interesting. For me it's more than interesting as I was there, sitting along the first base line after paying my dime to get in to see The Babe.
By the way, it wasn't until a few years ago that I learned the guy playing first base for Yale then was George H.W. Bush.
seafarer john
Filet Mignon
Re:The Babe And I 2012/09/20 14:31:17
That's a neat story , MH, thanks for posting it. 
During one of those Summers around that time ('49 or '50) I met George Bush at a house in Madison Ct. There are a few things I remember about the meeting, which was casual and brief: George Bush pulled up in front of the house - where a big party was going on - driving a pink Cadillac convertible and spent much of his time trying to explain why he was driving such a garish vehicle in the staid environs of beachfront Connecticut. (Seems his car broke down and all he could borrow was the pink monster.) 
He had stopped by the party to pay his respects to our hosts - a wonderful couple - Maybelle and Howard- he an old Yalie and and high up in the civil service in the USDepartment of Agriculture. When I was introduced to George, Howard explained to me that he was the son of the  US Senator from Connecticut, Prescott Bush.
What else I remember was George announcing that he was planning to relocate to Texas to get into the oil business; and everyone congratulating him while commiserating about having to live in such an alien and uncivilized place as Texas.
I also remember that he was a very personable pleasant aristocrat who was genuinely  friendly to everyone...
Cheers, John  
Michael Hoffman
Double-chop Porterhouse
Re:The Babe And I 2012/09/20 15:31:29
Thanks for sharing that experience. I "met" his father, Prescott Bush, once. I was living in Texas and was visiting my family in New Haven and had gone to the Danbury State Fair. While getting a glass of cider this man came up to me, stuck out his hand and said he was Prescott Bush and  he hoped I'd vote for him in the upcoming election. I explained that I lived in Texas and he said his son lived there and that he hoped someday I might get a chance to vote for him for Congress.
Re:The Babe And I 2012/09/20 17:39:40
Talk about a small world, George W. Bush and I went to different schools together!
Michael Hoffman
Double-chop Porterhouse
Re:The Babe And I 2012/09/20 17:57:53

Talk about a small world, George W. Bush and I went to different schools together!

Heck, Billy and I used to go to the same pizzeria together in Bridgeport, Connecticut at different times.
mayor al
Fire Safety Admin
Re:The Babe And I 2012/09/20 18:25:46
Hey, MH and I were in Korea a decade or so apart time-wise-  and the ladies I met were still raving about the infamous 'Angel Micheal', He left a lasting impression !!!

Michael Hoffman
Double-chop Porterhouse
Re:The Babe And I 2012/09/20 18:34:14
Mr. Mayor, the only persons of the female persuasion I ever met in Korea were two refugees from a horror show wearing American Red Cross uniforms and selling -- yes, selling -- coffee and donuts.
Re:The Babe And I 2012/09/20 18:41:32
When I was on a cruise in 1997, I met a woman who was in her 90s who was a huge baseball fan all of her life.  What great stories she had!  She had seen all the great players that I only knew from books and statistics.  She grew up in New York and had seen Babe Ruth play in person many times and she was a huge fan.  Interestingly, when I asked her if The Babe was the best player she had ever seen, she surprised me by saying that was Satchel Paige. 
mayor al
Fire Safety Admin
Re:The Babe And I 2012/09/20 22:42:35
I recently re-watched the John Goodman film "The Babe".  Interesting view into Ruth's life.
Filet Mignon
Re:The Babe And I 2012/10/06 11:07:51
I'd seen the picture before but had never read the story.  THANKS!  Dead at 53; I was only 8 months old then; how tragicly young 53 seems now.
To guage their cultural awareness, at the beginning of each semester I give my economics students a random list of "famous names" to identify:  e.g., Franklin Roosevelt, Charles A. Lindbergh, Thomas Edison, Mick Jagger, Tiger Woods, John Lennon, Barack Obama, Muhammad Ali, etc. 
Babe Ruth is the only name that everybody knows!
So the Babe still lives.  And he holds one record that will NEVER be broken:  he alone hit more home runs in a single season than any other TEAM in baseball!  If memory serves, he did that twice.  No man, even with all the steroids and "training" in the world, will ever break that record.
May he Rest in Peace and his name be forever known.
mr chips
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Re:The Babe And I 2012/10/06 20:56:40
I've seen the photo a number of times over the years. It does strike me about the vagaries of history that you never know when certain photos will become historic. the only other photo that may even be on a par with this one are the teen age Bill Clinton photo with Kennedy at the white house.