Restaurant serves RoadKill ?

Dr of BBQ
Filet Mignon
2012/10/02 07:15:50
A Chinese restaurant in Kentucky has reportedly been forced to shut its doors after allegedly serving up roadkill. reports that the Red Flower Chinese Restaurant in Williamsburg was shuttered on Thursday after a customer called the health department when she saw a dead deer being wheeled into the kitchen.
"Two of the workers came in wheeling a garbage can and they had a box sitting on top of it,” Kate Hopkins told the website. “And hanging out of the garbage can, they were trying to be real quick with it. So that nobody could see it. But there was like a tail, and a foot and leg. Sticking out of the garbage can and they wheeled it straight back into the kitchen.”
Paul Lawson, Whitley County’s environmental health inspector, said the owner’s son admitted to pick up the dead animal from the side of I-75 North in Williamsburg. The restaurant was immediately shut down.
"They said they didn't know that they weren't allowed to,” Lawson said. “So that makes me concerned. But maybe they could have before. They didn't admit to doing it before.”
Owners can reopen the restaurant, Lawson said, if it passes a secondary health inspection proving that they have properly sanitized it.

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Re:Restaurant serves RoadKill ? 2012/10/02 07:24:15
We have no Deer but BAD Chinese restaurants here get busted for buying or crabbing crabs from the Kill Van Kull & Newark Bay. That's a problem.
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Michael Hoffman
Double-chop Porterhouse
Re:Restaurant serves RoadKill ? 2012/10/02 11:49:57
Hey, roadkill is good eatin'. Of course, you have to get it before it spoils.
Re:Restaurant serves RoadKill ? 2012/10/02 22:43:50
Double Cheeseburger
Re:Restaurant serves RoadKill ? 2012/10/03 18:21:56
The way I read it, they weren't serving it, just using their kitchen for processing.
Dr of BBQ
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Re:Restaurant serves RoadKill ? 2012/10/03 18:24:05
Your not serious are you?
Double Cheeseburger
Re:Restaurant serves RoadKill ? 2012/10/03 18:46:20
Dr of BBQ

Your not serious are you?
Maybe I read it wrong. Was not defending them. People eat road kill all the time, tho is not acceptable to serve to customers. What would they have been passing it off as? Beef? I think they may have been taking advantage of the fact they had a kitchen, and WTF?, why not use it? Ill advised idea, and I probably wouldn't wanna eat at a place like this that made these kinda decisions. Then again, he got caught.
Lord knows what isn't caught.
Filet Mignon
Re:Restaurant serves RoadKill ? 2012/10/03 19:10:08
I do not believe Carl has a plot like this but he sure loves his roadkill.
Re:Restaurant serves RoadKill ? 2012/10/04 15:30:42
I've had two events since that made the news... All I can say to them is THANK YOU!!!! because I LMAO all the way to the bank... had em lined up 40 deep