Uncle Groucho
2012/10/06 15:06:18
I have a question about SCORES on my Profile page. How are we Scored and by Whom?. I noticed I have a -1, Is this good or bad? I have also noticed other posters SCORES, and some of those posters have High SCORES and they use profanity and seem to try to "bait" people into an  argument. Am I over thinking this? The majority of my posts I feel are to help and never to hurt, should I just sit back and be quiet?
Fire Safety Admin
Re:Scores? 2012/10/06 15:24:52
For a brief amount of time a few years back, we were allowed to rate each others posts.  Predictably, it did not go well and that feature was disabled. Don't sweat the -1, nobody pays attention to those scores anyway.   
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Uncle Groucho
Re:Scores? 2012/10/06 16:26:30
Thank You Buffet buster , This was the first I noticed and couldnt find the answer.
If you are ever in Southern Indiana or Louisville Ky. let me know and I can point you In the correct direction.
Thanks again Karl.
Fire Safety Admin
Re:Scores? 2012/10/07 07:21:18
Thanks for the offer.  There sure are a lot of great eats in that area of the country.
Double Cheeseburger
Re:Scores? 2012/10/09 08:30:37
Thanks for posting this Uncle Groucho and for the answer buffetbuster.
I had seen this on my profile (+2) and couldn't find anything about it anywhere in my searches.