Butchering Demo at the Library

2012/10/27 03:58:25
On Saturday November 3rd, a hog will be butchered at my local library. The actual slaughter will be done at their shop, but cutting the hog up into its various cuts will be done at the Central Branch of the Johnson County Library in Overland Park, KS. This has been scheduled for quite some time and there is a lot of buzz going on about it. The butcher just opened his shop last year and is a former chef. He has quickly earned a reputation for having some of the best quality meats in town. Several people that I know who are serious about their meats have started using him instead of McGonigles and Bichelmeiers (two of the main purveyors for meat at the American Royal BBQ contest). What I find surprising is the relative silence from the militant portion of the animal rights crowd. I plan to attend as I have never seen a whole animal cut up into the various cuts we see at the grocery store or butcher shop. Read about it here http://www.jocolibrary.org/templates/JCL_InfoPage.aspx?id=24176&epslanguage=EN 
Michael Hoffman
Double-chop Porterhouse
Re:Butchering Demo at the Library 2012/10/27 08:57:27
It ought to be interesting for you. But those animal rights folks probably don't believe such a thing could be happening. After all, they know that meat is raised in little white plastic-wrapped containers found in refrigerated cases in supermarkets.
Re:Butchering Demo at the Library 2012/10/28 01:46:44
Odd place to dress a hog!
I'd be curious to see what equipment they bring with them.
Band Saw & Butcher block????
Grinder to make sausage? Sausage stuffer???
Report back please!