How would you handle this ?

Dr of BBQ
Filet Mignon
2012/10/31 22:03:49
Calif restaurant announces cockroach infestation
A Northern California eatery is giving its customers information that most restaurants go to great lengths to cover up.
Cafe del Soul in Marin County has posted a sign near its front door acknowledging that it's infested with German cockroaches.
The organic restaurant has also reported itself to the county environmental health services department and will be closed on Wednesday so a pest control company can go to work.
Manager Sandro De Oliveira told the Marin Independent Journal the cafe's owner wanted to be honest with customers. The newspaper reports that the restaurant also wanted to put pressure on the building owner to take action against the pests.
The cafe is in a strip mall that includes other tenants.
County officials say they will send an inspector

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Filet Mignon
Re:How would you handle this ? 2012/10/31 22:31:06
That third paragraph seems to be the key to their "openness".  They're looking for the landlord to (rightfully so) deal with the problem and they're trying to shame him into picking up the expense.
I think the strategy may be short sighted, and could blow up in their faces if the public doesn't recognize the infestation as a failing of the landlord as opposed to the restaurateur.
Dr of BBQ
Filet Mignon
Re:How would you handle this ? 2012/11/01 09:27:11
My exact thought. I figured a failing restaurant in a last attempt to get the landlord to fix a serious problem. I kept thinking why didn't they start fighting the problem on their own and prove those attempts to the press if they were going to go in this direction?
But then I read the Yelp reviews (not that I have a lot of faith in Yelp) they are here:
And did a further search and it surprised me that not all of the articles were as negative as I had imagined.
The Cafe web site
But more important:http://insidescoopsf.sfga...-department-on-itself/
All Staff & Supporters of Café del Soul
Again, they remain open today, according to an employee at the restaurant.
So what do you think?  In this case, is the full transparency about the roach infestation a good PR move or a bad one? Restaurant manager Sandro De Oliveira acknowledges he’ll lose customers. Do you think potential customers will be dissuaded to try Cafe del Soul in the future, despite its laudable honesty and (hopefully) clean future?
And the bigger question: If the infestation is so big, why hasn’t the city shut it down yet? And why are people eating there? And the biggest question: Is this simply the restaurant version of “The Producers”?
Here’s the CBS video report, and it asked questions but not very negative which again surprised me:
Filet Mignon
Re:How would you handle this ? 2012/11/01 22:12:41
I would go down the street to eat where they lie to me. If I were the Restaurant owner, and the bugs were in the building because of it being a dirty building, I would sue his ass. Because of the condition of the building I would not be in Compliance with the health dept, therefor, I would not be able to operate my business...............Its a strip mall, he could move his business at the drop of a hat. Why screw up your reputation by telling people you have a Cockroach infested Restaurant.
Junior Burger
Re:How would you handle this ? 2013/07/24 00:22:05
This is funny. This is in my backyard. They just opened at this location. They have a place in San Rafael also. Restaurant spaces are very difficult to find in Mill Valley. This place has a HUGE following. If they were infested with stinking elephants, the customers wouldn't stop going there. Just picking up and moving to another location is not really an option.
Re:How would you handle this ? 2013/07/24 01:24:49
I laud his openness, but I can tell you from experience, they are virtually IMPOSSIBLE to get rid of especially if there are adjoining businesses in the same building.
You would need to clean every business in the center and even then, no guarantees. Especially the German ones!
Junior Burger
Re:How would you handle this ? 2013/07/24 03:33:21
They should put them on the menu.