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vent hood install - Wed, 12/5/12 9:00 AM
I have a food trailer I have been running for a few years,And have been moving my smoker outside at events and it's getting old when you do it solo.So I have been thinking about mounting my smoker inside.first question is:Can I just put a chimmey to the outside or is the HD going to want a overhead vent?
Second: How hard is it to install a overhead hood/vent system.I'm handy and have a shop full of tools.but I have never tried or seen how one is installed,are they mounted to the wall or the ceiling,do they have templates for drilling/cutting holes?are they any step by step photos of the process?

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Re:vent hood install - Wed, 12/5/12 10:07 AM
I can so relate to your quandrum. However I cant see moving that inside even if youre in ND just from the radiant heat alone. At one time I had a rear balcony welded on and had access through a sliding window. However now< i just pull the meat from the smoker before we leave for the event. I dont care how large your vent fan is, it's going to turn your inside yellow. Then you'll have another problem with the HD. However I would be more concerned what the Fire Marshall will say, laws vary from city to city. The only one I saw installed was full trailer width x 1ft tall and was mounted to the 3 sidewalls and ceiling. Then hope you're not required to add an ansul.
K.I.S.S. put it on a balcony...

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Re:vent hood install - Wed, 12/5/12 9:04 PM
those questoiins should be directed to your HD only as far as what you can and can't do. Second of all, call HoodMart, they have installation pictures online and I can't remember the link .   a 4ft hood took 2 guys to hold and me drilling and hanging it. fyi