Holiday Birthday

Uncle Groucho
2012/12/19 20:55:02
Hello all, my name is Karl and my birthday is on Christmas. A lot of people think that I get gyped on getting gifts and I always tell them that I got a choice of 2 small gifts or 1 big gift, I always chose the 1 big gift. When I was younger I always had a summer birthday party so my friends could attend.
Do any of you have a Holiday birthday that you care to share.
mayor al
Fire Safety Admin
Re:Holiday Birthday 2012/12/19 22:26:10
Not me, Karl, but My Step-Father (R I P)-1908-1993,  My sister (1938), and my Brother (1953) Were all born on December 25th. Christmas was an unusual Birthday Cake Day for them, especially in the later years before Step-Father passed away.
Re:Holiday Birthday 2012/12/19 22:56:31
Happy Birthday Karl!

My oldest son was born on it only rolls around every six or seven years on the mark.

This year was the mark.
Filet Mignon
Re:Holiday Birthday 2012/12/20 01:00:35
Last year a good friend of mine turned 36. His birthday is December 26. I made him his first EVER birthday cake. " /> I really don't get that.
My niece was born December 21, and we always made a point of celebrating her birthday on a completely different day than the family Christmas, with separate everything. No Christmas wrapping paper, no combination gifts, none of that. 
My birthday falls on Easter periodically. When I was a kid, I thought the Easter Bunny was a special thing for my birthday, but he got confused on the day sometimes.
Re:Holiday Birthday 2012/12/20 01:48:19
Martin Luther King day is my birthday but they keep celebrating it on a Monday.
The Travelin Man
Filet Mignon
Re:Holiday Birthday 2012/12/20 09:47:12
I have a good friend whose birthday is December 31. Even at age 38, she still thinks the fireworks at midnight are for her. :-)
Re:Holiday Birthday 2012/12/20 18:01:37
I've never had to work on my birthday.  
It's on New Year's Day.  :-)
Uncle Groucho
Re:Holiday Birthday 2012/12/20 18:11:00
Hello everyone thanks for responding.
Gee Al, I thought I was the only Christmas baby. My daughters B-Day is on the 28th, I told my Wife not to cough or sneeze until after my B-Day because I didnt want to share MY day.
I have seen fireworks on Christmas ever since I met my wife.
I read a post where someone said they didnt feel welcome on these forums, Mar52 responded with "you should post more and you will get that welcome feeling" She was right.
Filet Mignon
Re:Holiday Birthday 2012/12/21 13:41:05
This past Tuesday's episode of Happy Endings dealt with this very subject.
Filet Mignon
Re:Holiday Birthday 2012/12/21 16:47:48
I was born on July 3, so a fireworks show (that I put on) has been a part of my birthday celebration for many years.