German Restaurants in Naples, Florida

Milton James
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2013/01/03 05:45:00
Hello Everyone,
German restaurants are generally difficult to find, but with the influx of vacationers and the growing population, the Naples area of Florida has more than its share. German food tends to be spicy and heavy so you must be able to handle the spice and be hungry. There are several German restaurants in Naples, but the most popular are located on Marco Island, about 20 minutes south of the city.
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Re:German Restaurants in Naples, Florida 2013/01/03 10:53:25
How about some names?
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Re:German Restaurants in Naples, Florida 2013/01/10 10:58:31
Didn't think there were that many of us krautheada in Naples,and being half german can say that,the other half being hungarian.
Haven't eaten much german food in my life, and didn't think it was all that spicy.
Might depend on what region in Germany  the cooks are from.My dad 's father was bavarian and his mother's side were prussians from Riga.
Still want to try the Friesenhaus in New Braunfels and The Bavarian restaurant in Kirby. Don't know of any in San Antonio itself.
Re:German Restaurants in Naples, Florida 2013/01/10 11:13:35
I know from the time spent in the Fort Myers area that there is a lot of people from Germany who come over and vacation in Southwest Florida.  My family would regularly go to a fine German restaurant in Cape Coral and if my dad would go there, then it had to be good.  Unfortunately, it has been so long, there is no way I could come up with the name.
And German food is a lot of things, but spicy is not one of them. 
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