Restaurants inside retired airplanes.

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Restaurants inside retired airplanes. - Thu, 01/17/13 10:07 PM
 There was one in Pendell Pennsylvania in a Lockheed 1049 Super Constellation that was Jim Flannerys which opened in 1967 ad then later The Airplane Diner,
DC-7 Steakhouse in Georgia no longer there.
Someone told me in the 1980s there was a DC-8 that was a restaurant in Ohio that didn't last long.any info on that.
Any others in the United States that were restaurants in retired airliners.
The latest is a Restaurant is going to open in New Smyrna Beach Florida in a DC-7 that was once
with American Airlines and is painted in classic AA paint scheme.

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Re:Restaurants inside retired airplanes. - Thu, 01/17/13 10:22 PM
I remember Flannery's in Pendel.  That was a landmark for years.  It was sad to see it go.  There is a gas station there now.

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Re:Restaurants inside retired airplanes. - Tue, 02/12/13 3:51 PM
The Old Y. near Sardina ohio is prob the Ohio place you talking about. I go there all the time for pie. It had part of the place in an airplane many decades ago. There is still a pic of it on the wall.