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Experts Wanted - Sat, 01/19/13 4:04 PM
Can anyone tell who made this cart?

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Re:Experts Wanted - Sat, 01/19/13 5:25 PM
Who makes that umbrella with the sides hanging? Boy that would help with a heater.

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Re:Experts Wanted - Sat, 01/19/13 6:08 PM
yeah, I would like those too.

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Re:Experts Wanted - Sat, 01/19/13 9:10 PM
Best I can come up "googling" is the photo is a cart in Toronto.

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Re:Experts Wanted - Sun, 01/20/13 9:54 AM
Look up the website for Silver Star Metal Fab in Ontario, Ca.........they list Hot dog carts that look something like this one. Send them a E mail, they prob have info on the Umbrella and backing

Silver Star Metal Fabricating has

been manufacturing premium quality hot

dog vending carts since 1984. We have

built thousands of carts for use in North

America, South America, Europe, Africa,

and Asia. All of our mobile vending

products from the design phase are built

with extra attention to safety, durability,

ergonomics, and aesthetics.

At Silver Star Metal Fabricating we want

our customers to be happy with our final

product. After being in the business for

over 25 years we are extremely pleased

when customers return to purchase another

mobile food vending product.

Our new customers that are entering into

the business and are not aware of our

quality standards usually have the same

questions for us:

What is the difference between your hot dog cart and the competition?

The best way to understand the difference is to see it for yourself. This information package has been put together to

show you visually the differences between our products and the competition. After reading this you will be able to

recognize a cart with Silver Star Metal Fabricating quality.

Can you design and manufacture a cheaper, entry-level hot dog cart for me?

Of course it is possible to design and manufacture a cart that will meet anyone’s budget. This however is not our goal.

We strongly believe in high quality products and will not risk our reputation and cut corners to manufacture a

substandard product.


1840 Gage Court, Mississauga, Ontario L5S 1S2, Canada

Phone: 905-671-1143 Fax: 905-671-1730                           <<<<<<   Click this site for Silver Star website

Hot Dog Carts

Ours vs. Competition

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Re:Experts Wanted - Sun, 01/20/13 11:01 AM
Go to a tent maker and have it added to your umbrella.
Or Home Depot and buy a tarp, some Velcro or snaps.