Pals Cabin NJ Legend to Close

Double Cheeseburger
2013/03/21 14:46:09
Wonderful Pals Cabin home of great burgers and the worlds best cream of mushroom soup since the 30's will be closing!! They are going to tear  down & "pave paradise" and put up a CVS -horrors!
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Pals Cabin NJ Legend to Close 2013/03/21 16:17:21
I believe it's a law now that there must be a CVS every mile or so along any highway. And of course there must be one across from all Walgreens. If they could agree to put Mcdonald's, CVS and Walgreens in the same building with a common drive-thru we could leave some room for other things.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Pals Cabin NJ Legend to Close 2013/04/04 10:01:20
My wife and I went to Pals Cabin yesterday for a farewell late lunch. We hadn't been in at least 20 years. Truth be told, the one or two times (we couldn't agree which it was) we had previously been there we wern't that impressed. Decent but just OK food, a little overpriced, and way overrated.
Twenty years later, our opinion hasn't really changed. My wife had an $11.95 burger, which she proclimed very good, but which I proclaimed "That doesn't look like nearly half a pound, even allowing for shrinkage", not to mention the 6 french fries that came with it. And I had an open faced hot roast beef, which was just OK and at also $11.95 with a side order of 3 small roasted potatoes (no mashed until after 5, WTF???), was a) 2 dollars more that what it says on the on line menu (as was the burger), b) much less plate-covering and c) more expensive, than I could get at our local diner. Plus, often at NJ diners it comes with 2 sides, not one. It's what I usually get in a diner, so I do have a good basis for comparison. Also, the sodas were $2.95 each, no refills.
All that aside, it's of course sad to lose a landmark. But if CVS offered me like 10 million dollars for that hot corner property, I'd take it in a heartbeat and after 75 years, leave the headaches of running a restaurant to someone else.
Meanwhile, back at Pals, our young hostess (who I think was family member) was very pleasant, offering to take our picture when she saw me taking photos (they must be getting a lot of that lately), and was very forthcoming about the fact that it looks like they will be closing by late June.
And we got a quart of that famous mushroom soup  to go (also $11.95, I should play 1195 in the lottery), which we will have tonight.